The Dungeon Master: Tangleroot Gorge

The Dungeon Master is going to take a look at the fourth Adventure Pack for DDO, Tangleroot Gorge , a pack for characters between levels 3 and 7.

This pack consists of ten quests and includes a new wilderness area to play around in. The quests revolve around a plot line involving  a friendly tribe of hobgoblins, who want the player’s help to get rid of another, not-so friendly, hobgoblin tribe that also inhabits Tangleroot. Every quest is located inside a base that the hobgoblins have called Splinterskull. In the start, the player will weed out the forces inside the fortress before finally confronting the boss, Chief Yarkuch.

The wilderness area has 9 rare spawns to kill, 8 different slayer bonuses and 13 explorable areas. Each giving a nice bonus experience.

This pack has some great things within it, but by far the best being the quest-line, which is awesome. Going inside the same dungeon changes depending on what the players does in the quest before. Besides the quest line, the sheer amount of bonuses coming along with the wilderness areas is a definitive plus and the amount of experience the player gains in this pack is ridiculously high.

The issues I have with this adventure pack, which is also it’s strong point, is the quest line. Players will have to constantly walk along the same areas, which might some players might lose interest it. Another issue I have with Tangleroot Gorge, is the same issue I had with the Seal of Shan To Kor, in that the level the player has to be for the quests rises so fast. The first two start out at level 3 but the last two are for level 7 characters. Now this does’t mean the player can’t finish the quest, but it does make it a lot harder.

The pack costs 550 Turbine points and is worth every point in my opinion. The combination of quests and wilderness area gives so much experience that every player that goes here will gain many levels.

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