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SWTOR Legacy System Gimps Non-Alt Players?

23 January 2012 | 51 Comments » | LHStaff

Last week BioWare released a video of Game Director James Ohlen talking about some upcoming changes to Star Wars: The Old Republic, one of which was the Legacy System.

Up until now, we knew that the the Legacy system would create a sort of family tree for your main and alt characters and they would gain some sort of benefits. I for one assumed the benefits would be non-combat such as cosmetic gear, titles, mounts or something along those lines, however in the video James clearly states that all characters will gain new abilities and powers.

Being someone that has never played an alt character and who doesn’t plan to, this Legacy System completely gimps players who choose to stick with a single character. The Legacy System almost forces players to start over with an alt in order to remain competitive with other players.

Since SWTOR is all about story and is the game’s main focus, it’s no wonder BioWare would put in place a system that puts a huge incentive for players to start over. However for those of us who are not alt-players, this system makes it pointless to continue playing as we would do so with a permanently gimped character.

What BioWare is trying to do is add replay value to a genre that quite frankly doesn’t need it. Incentivising players to start over should be the last thing any MMORPG should do as the game itself should be engaging enough for players to continue logging in even after completely the story. However when you create a game that has the same old game mechanics and endgame as every MMORPG of the last decade, getting players to start-over is probably the only way to keep your subscribers.

Convince Friends to Play Rift & Get a Corgi, Feather in a Cap and Apocalyptic Steed

10 May 2011 | 3 Comments » | iTZKooPA

Trion Worlds has just announced two separate systems to enable players to slowly indoctrinate their friends in to the religious/technophobic world of Telara. First up is the token 7-day Free Trial. Getting your friend to sign-up for a free game is the easy part, and it nets you nothing but the satisfaction knowing that you’ve become a puppeteer. To become a true puppet master your stringed plaything must succumb to a full purchase of Rift, binding her very soul (her account) to yours (your account).

Fear not, the connection process is more symbiotic than parasitic. Both the plaything and playmaster will be rewarded for participating in the Ascend-a-Friend promotion. Masters will be given a Courage Companion Pet in the guise of a Corgi for their first referral, followed by a fancy Trailblazer’s Hat and firey Swift Ember Steed for the second and third respective Ascendants. Meanwhile, each Ascendee will obtain an “exclusive” title, “The Chosen,” to denote their puppet status. Mutually beneficial is the ability to teleport to one another’s location (30 minute cooldown).

Players attempting to lord over their friends should login to their account and hit the Ascend-a-Friend banner on the right. Doing so will give access to a few different pre-constructed tools for inviting friends and e-friends wholesale. Awards will be distributed when Spoils of War (Patch v1.2) is released.

Or, ya know, if you just wanna join me in unholy matrimony, you can use this blue bit of text.

Siege Combat, WAR, and You

21 December 2007 | No Comments » | LHStaff

What do these three things have in common? They are all an integral part of the realm vs realm PVP system Mythic is developing into their up and coming MMORPG Warhammer Online. For anybody who has signed up the the WAR Online newsletter you’ll have found that yesterday you recieved the last one of the year (which doesn’t mean all that much considering it’ll be 2008 in 10 days). Within this newsletter is the last podcast by the creative director of the game which features all the information you could ever want to know about the RVR system they have going on. Check out the highlights below:

  • Open world RVR has been enhanced to be worth significantly more victory points than they were in the beta before.
  • Four tiered RVR system where capturing the first tier will give you benefits when attempting to capture the second, and so on in that manner.
  • Keeps! There will now be keeps startegically placed in the RVR areas for capture, as shown above.
  • Once a faction takes over a keep guards will spawn to prevent single person tagging.
  • If you and your guild takes over a keep your guild’s emblem will hang from the staffs. This will, essentially, be your guild’s keep until the enemy retakes it. Warning’s will be issued should your keep come under attack.
  • Siege weapons will be employed in taking over keeps. You must build them and they will prove to be a great startegic advantage for defenders and attackers alike.

Fascinating stuff right? I have always been a HUGE fan of realm vs realm combat so this game is definitely looking to be my cup of tea. There is a bit more information contained within the video, along with some quirky humour, so if you want to give it a watch-through head on over.