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SWC: Best of Smite World Championship Cosplay

15 January 2015 | No Comments » | Jonathon Whittington

Going to the Smite World Championship in Atlanta to see the professionals kick ass at the game we all love is great however, one of the greater charms at the event was none other than the wonderful cosplayers supporting their love for the game by creating extremely elaborate costumes and dressing up as their favorite characters. We here at LoreHound have recognized how much our viewers enjoy the pictures of cosplay we provide and so we’ve dedicated an entire article and reel of photos to bring you the best of the best down at the World Championship!

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The Totally Rad Show: Top 5 Video Games of 2010

29 December 2010 | No Comments » | Kershocker

Wow, 2010 is almost gone and 2011 is about to begin. As you may imagine, lots of websites are releasing articles regarding the best Video Games of this year. I have been checking some of them out, but I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. It is, as you may now know because of the title, The Totally Rad Show‘s Top 5 Video Games of 2010.

In today’s review, each host let us know their choices and attempts to decide which deserves to be considered as the best 2010 video game. Console games and MMORPGs are included in their lists, so you will get to see a pretty wide variety of titles.

If I had to choose between the 3 lists, I’d have to go with Alex Albrecht’s selections. Oh, and before you ask, I did not go with Alex’s list just because it has World of Warcraft: Cataclysm in it!

Now it’s your turn. If you had to make a list of the Top 5 Video Games of 2010, which games would you include?

Battlestar Galactica MMO Announced!

1 April 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

With Starwars Galaxies not living up to everyones expectations and a Startrek MMO currently in the works, its not surprising that the next big space MMO would come from Battlestar Galactica. The announcement comes just a few days before the 4th season of Battlestar Galactica kicks off this Friday. I don’t know about you guys, but I love Battlestar Galactica. Without a doubt it’s the best Scifi show ever and probably one of the best shows in any genre of all time.

But enough of the show, Auran Games, creaters of Fury and the Battlestar Galactica flight sim game, will be working on this new MMO which will be published by Sierra Online. The game is currently in the very very early stages of development, but I was able find some info about it by speaking to Greg Lane, CEO of Auran Games.

The game will take place during the first Cylon War,which makes sense considering it would be pretty hard to do a MMO where there’s only 50,000 people and your stuck on a few dozen ships. Humans will be the only playable race, so if you were hoping to be a Cylon your out of luck. Thats basically all the info I was able to get, but I’ll be keeping in touch to provide updates.

Blizzard is a LIAR!

1 April 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Be careful fellow MMO gamers, Blizzard is on the prowl for some gullibles again this morning. Every year, on April Fool’s Day, Blizzard comes out with some awesome announcement of what they are implementing in this game, or that game. Does nobody remember the wisps?!

Of course, today, being April Fool’s Day, is no different and, as such, they have come out with a few awesome announcements in the hopes of suckering one of you faithfuls out there. Fear not though! We at MMOCrunch are here to keep you from straying to far and to keep your feet firmly on the ground. No developer will best us! Here are Blizzard’s “announcements” for today:

  1. The Bard Hero Class. I almost wish this one was true, considering the lander page is so awesome. Who doesn’t want a talent tree titled “Punk Rock” after all? I loves me some Bad Religion. But alas, this one is a very obvious joke.There won’t actually be a bard class in WoW.
  2. World of Warcraft Molten Core Console Edition. Are you console gamers ready to get your game on with some WoW? Well you had best keep waiting because there is nothing coming from Blizzard anytime now. Another April Fool’s Joke from Blizzard strikes again! I must admit, it’d be more convincing if they didn’t make any 8-bit graphics.
  3. Tauren Marines in Starcraft 2. I think… this one actually might be real. Seriously… Are you kidding me of course it’s not real! Blizzard is a LIAR! As cool as the lander page, and even the shiny graphics and gameplay videos are this one is most definitely a joke to be played on you. Shame on you Blizzard, shame on you! We bovine-aficionados bid you good day sir!
  4. Diablo 2 Loot Pinata. Are you ready to have a portable, lootable Lord of Terror? Well get ready because this holiday season Blizzard is NOT going to actually be selling this. As cool and hilarious as my next birthday party would be with it Blizzard is just trying to pull a nasty prank on my expense. Never again!

Well that’s it… this year. Remember Blizzard looks for new prey each and every year. Gullibles travel in packs so make sure if you find any to inform them of Blizzard’s evil ways. Also, while Blizzard is one of the kings of April Fool’s Day be wary of other smaller companies attempting to pull the same shenanigans.

Heed my warning…

Comic: Random Mobs

25 February 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Its been a while since our last comic, so today was have a new one.  Hope you like it.

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Is Blizzards Secret MMO Starcraft?

30 January 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

I don’t know, but there is some very interesting news that seems to be pointing to it. Netease, China’s leading online game operator, might soon be licensed to operate overseas online games and according to Caijing Magazine this first foreign game will be Starcraft! Netease CEO Ding Lei has not yet confirmed this.

To give you an idea of what Netease does, here’s what the company’s profile states:

The company’s online games business focuses on massively multiplayer online role-playing games by selling prepaid point cards to the end customers who may use the points on such cards for online game services provided by the company.

So what does this mean? Is this a web based or watered down MMO based off the Starcraft Universe that Netease will create for Chinese gamers? Is Netease going to be licensed to sell prepaid cards for Blizzard games in China? Could it be a hint pointing to World of Starcraft? I don’t know, but it is interesting non the less.


Headset or Mic?

27 January 2008 | 32 Comments » | LHStaff

There comes a time in every MMORPGer’s life where they have realized that typing is not the best way to communicate. Whether it’s leading a raid or trying to get a heal before you die, typing is just too slow. I myself have always used a desktop mic while playing, but am contemplating getting a headset instead. I mean just look at the two people in this pic, they look like there having a blast! I wonder who there talking to? Image courtesy of

Anway, I wanted to see what you guys use. Are you a typer or do you use a mic or headset? Got any suggestions for a good headset?

Ed's Weekly Watch #1

26 January 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and congratulations on reading the first ever Ed’s Weekly Watch! This is a weekly post on what’s new in MMORPGs. I will write about new MMOs, news on MMOs, and other things involving…well…MMOS!!! Thanks and enjoy!

-Most of you know about the newest MMO “Pirates of the Burning Sea”. Well, I played the Beta and a little since the launch and I have to say, I am a little disappointed. The graphics are outdated, the “Open Sea” (the part of the game when you are sailing on the “Open Sea” not Ship Battling…2 different parts) graphics aren’t great either. The best quality graphics are when you are in a ship battle. The crafting system is alright, but it could use some work, and the player run economy isn’t what players expected it to be. It is hard to understand and takes forever to get used too. If you wish to try it go to and buy the game software from your local gaming merchandise store.

-I am a couple days off, but incase you haven’t heard, Age of Conan was pushed back 2 months. The devolopers claim that they needed “more time” and to “polish” up some things in gameply. I was heartbroken when I heard this, I was looking forward to the March launch, but I guess we will have to wait untill May.

-The thread I posted before this mentioned a contest. Yup, I have 2 Mythos invitations to give out. So to register send me an email at with the title “Contest”. Thanks!

-Beckett Massive Online Gamer magizine is offering a free issue! Visit here for more details. It requires a credit card to get the issue, but you can allways cancel if you don’t like it.

-The Chronicles of Spellborn has released a devoloper chat with Romano Molenaar! Click here to watch!

– RuneScape has released the long awaited summoning skill! You can play at

Wow, its been a pretty big week! Tune in next week for more exciting news on MMORPGs!