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BlizzCon 2010: Lorecast Episode 25.1 – BlizzCon Day 1 Recap (Come See Juggynaut’s Face!)

28 October 2010 | 6 Comments » | iTZKooPA

In this very special Lorecast, the crew gets together in front of a camera – even Juggynaut – and chats about Day 1 of BlizzCon 2010. We discuss our impressions of the opening ceremony, panels, the general atmosphere, Jay Mohr and the dance contestant that “broke his leg.” It turns out he will walk again. That’s what we get for taking a comedian’s diagnosis.

Due to the legnth of the discussion, the video podcast is spread across three videos. Hit the jump to view all of iTZKooPA, Juggynaut and Mordil in full HD glory. Yes, we’re pretty enough for HD. Continue Reading

BlizzCon 2010: Chris Metzen’s Geek Is… Opening Speech

27 October 2010 | 1 Comment » | iTZKooPA

Few people in their right mind thought Blizzard was going to announce something spectacular at BlizzCon 2010. Yes, we all wanted to hear about the new MMOG or the upcoming expansion to StarCraft II. Hell, even a release date for Diablo III would have been considered huge. But, most of us knew it’d be a down year.

Blizzard, for the second time since launching the “Big Three,” will be releasing two video games in a year. Cataclysm is just over a month away, which means everyone at the company is putting in extra hours to finish it up. I don’t want to sound like I am giving Blizzard a free pass for not announcing something major, I did call the opening “underwhelming,” I just don’t think the company should be expected to blow us away every convention.

Before diving into what announcements the company did make at the Opening Ceremony, that being the Demon Hunter and PvP battle arena revelations for Diablo III, VP of Creative Chris Metzen spent some time discussing the power of words. Specifically, he honed in on a word that the BlizzCon community owns: Geek.

Take a look.

BlizzCon 2010: Jay Mohr Brings The Funny (Video)

26 October 2010 | 2 Comments » | iTZKooPA

The great thing about securing a press badge isn’t that you get the greatest seat, we’re placed off-center, but that you don’t get trampled while attempting to secure a place for your posterior. The entire Lore Hound crew plopped down with roughly 30,000 other gamers to enjoy Jay Mohr as the Master of Ceremonies for the fourth time running.

Mohr opened the contest panel with a 15-minute nerd-friendly, kid-unfriendly (NSFW due to swearing) routine. He covered everything from the 25th anniversary of the NES, Final Fantasy, and the realism of Assassin’s Creed. Even cheap pops and cat calls for Walken were addressed in hilarious fashion.

Take a gander, the video above contains every hilarious moment.

BlizzCon 2010: Teasing Videos

24 October 2010 | No Comments » | Mordil

What? My photo gallery isn’t good enough to sate hunger for blood? Well then check out these two videos of the costume contest and World of Warcraft Art Panel.

Hopefully it will keep you ravenous, die-hard Lore Hounds fed until the rest of the awesome content we have in store for you goes live. Enjoy!

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BlizzCon 2010: Day 2 Photos

24 October 2010 | No Comments » | Mordil

As we grab our goodies and head for the exit here in Anaheim, California, we look back on the past two days with much excitement. Many interesting things are coming, most of all Deathwing with the Cataclysmic tantrum he’s about to throw. I apologize for the lighting in most of them, as it wasn’t very good in the auditorium.

As a special treat, for those who didn’t see it already: here is the log in screen for Cataclysm. It’s exactly the same as we posted before, just a different angle. This is the “official” final version. The other is just a better lighted one.

Click through to see the full gallery. Continue Reading

BlizzCon 2010: Day 1 Photos

23 October 2010 | 3 Comments » | Mordil

After much planning and hard work from the Lore Hound crew, we grab a few drinks and mingle with the crowd. Here are some photos from today’s shenanigans to satisfy you until we can get the video editing under way in the coming week. It’s almost like you were there yourself!

Full gallery after the break…
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Cataclysm: The Intro

17 October 2010 | 18 Comments » | Amatera

Deathwing does to Stormwind what Rick James would do to your couch.

Speaks for itself, huh?

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Rumor: Rumored Cataclysm Release Date Gets Pushed Back (Rumor)

27 September 2010 | 6 Comments » | Amatera

Blizzard doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice, Cataclysm will be finished "when it's done!"

If ifs and buts were candies and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas! We’d have an even more wonderful holiday if we found a copy of Cataclysm under the tree, wouldn’t we? Well, maybe you would, but not I, sir or ma’am! No, Christmas means going home, and for me, that means playing on a woefully underpowered laptop, if anything at all. I imagine I won’t be the only one traveling, nor would I be the only one with less time to dedicate to all the content in a fresh, new expansion.

But if MMO-Champion is right, then we may be dealing with an early-mid December release date. That contradicts the previous rumor of November 2nd, presumably from the same unnamed, internal source. I opted to repeat myself in the title to hammer home the fact that this still doesn’t constitute official word — or perhaps to actively ignore the idea that it could be true. Just be glad I didn’t make any stupid puns this time (like “Rumore Hound”).

Do note that although it disagrees with the November 27th date that’s been floating around online retail sites lately as well, that number should be the least valid of any predictions (it’s normally just conjecture on the retailer’s part).

So, what could be holding it back? Well, there’s the obvious — it needs more development time. But they’ve been kicking out builds (both on the PTR and beta servers) like it’s nobody’s business, and the last time they released content around Christmas they intentionally gated it so it didn’t conflict with players’ holiday plans too much. And that was just a raid dungeon, let alone a whole expansion! I’m not sure what makes Blizzard think it’s a good idea this year.

But if you’d allow me, how about a little bit of conspiracy time here, featuring the game industry’s favorite punching bag: Activision-Blizzard showrunner, Bobby Kotick? Continue Reading