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Cataclysm Class Updates: Priest

8 April 2010 | 2 Comments » | Amatera

Leap of Faith turns Priests into babysitters for people who stand in the fire.

Priest information is coming in awful late for us in the Western hemisphere, but Blizzard did say they were going to stagger releases so that all fans around the world would get something to read at an appropriate time. Nonetheless, there are some interesting changes as you might expect.

Right off the bat, you’ll notice a lot of the same language they used earlier in describing how Shaman healing would change. And like that class, a new healing spell will be added early in the game to make newbie Priests feel more versatile long before they ever have to start raiding. Mana usage will also have to be monitored more closely.

As far as new spells go, there’s Mind Spike (a new “fill-in” damage component for Shadow spec), Inner Will (a self-buff that increases movement/decreases mana cost of instant spells), and Leap of Faith (a utility spell that allows you to pull party/raid members towards you to get them out of trouble). I love utility spells like that because, when encounters are built around them, it means the game is a lot more about skill and less about chewing through numbers.

I actually found two of the new talents more intriguing, though. Power Word: Barrier, which Blizzard says functions similar to a Death Knight’s Anti-Magic Zone, seems like it will be integral to Discipline play. Chakra is a new mechanic in the Holy tree that allows Priests to switch their healing priority by casting three spells of a certain type in a row. Say you cast three Greater Heals in succession. Chakra kicks and and gives you an appropriate buff, temporarily specializing you in tank healing. Think of it a little bit like shifting gears on a car depending on what you need to do at any given time.

Of course, there are many more spell and talent changes than I’ve discussed here. Hit the jump for the whole shebang. Continue Reading

Cataclysm Class Updates: Warlock

7 April 2010 | 3 Comments » | Heartbourne

Warlocks are serious business

Warlocks are getting a major overhaul to their class resources. Currently, they have to harvest soul shards from slain enemies, but this can become tedious while managing bag space and constantly draining souls to keep up their stock. In Cataclysm, Soul Shards will no longer be items and instead be a discrete resource, like Death Knight runes. By using the new Soul Burn skill, they consume an automatically regenerating Soul Shard to power up an ability. A bunch of these buffs are revealed in this new update from Blizzard, such as increasing movement speed after using the teleporter or making spells instant cast.

Perhaps purely to fuel the Warlock/Mage feud, Warlocks are getting a version of Frostfire Bolt. It’s called Fel Flame, and it’s an instant cast green fire bolt that does fire or shadow damage, depending on the target’s spell resistances. It also refreshes Immolate and Unstable Affliction in the process. This is an incredible ability that should make Warlocks a little bit more mobile in PvP. Another Mage spell that Warlocks get to steal is Focus Magic, called Dark Intent, which increases the target’s critical strike chance and increases the Warlock’s damage coefficient when the Dark Intent target crits.

Other highlights include Voidwalker’s Tormet generating more threat, as well as AoE threat. Warlock’s DoTs will also scale directly from Haste and Crit.

Check out the full list of changes after the break!

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Cataclysm Class Updates: Shaman

7 April 2010 | 3 Comments » | Juggynaut
The Future of Alliance Shamans

The Future of Alliance Shamans

Edit: Even more info added after the break!

The first round of changes for Shaman in Cataclysm has been revealed! There is a lot of information in this post, so let’s first take a look at the changes that affect all three specs of Shamans, primarily the new spells.

Two new spells will be available to low level Shamans, the first of which will make leveling a little easier, and the second is likely more aimed at end-game healing. Primal Strike will be a melee ability that all shamans have access to, and as stated by Blizzard, the goal of the ability is to make Enhancement a more viable leveling spec.

Healing Wave, a new spell with an old name, is being added so that Shamans have  Blizzard’s desired “one fast, one efficient, and one big heal” toolkit. The current Healing Wave is being renamed to Greater Healing Wave  and the new one will fit between the Lesser and Greater versions. The addition of just this one spell should make healing as a totem-dropper more compelling, as it allows for more options in spell selection.

Leveling through the five new levels in Cataclysm, Shamans will run into three new spells from their trainers. The first new spell, Unleash Weapon, could be a very interesting ability for all shamans. It’s essentially an extra ability that will help every spec do its job. Giving Elemental and Restoration a new instant spell for their respective roles should help with their currently low mobility. Another instant attack for Enhancement, not so much.

At level 83, all Shamans will be getting Healing Rain, a spell that some people may recognize from Severed Essences on their way through Icecrown Citadel. This spell will give every Shaman a way to help out with raid heals for a two second cast. Dropping HoTs on all of the melee during a particularly intense fight should make me the apple of my healers’ eyes. Otherwise, another great addition for Restoration Shamans to expand their toolkit.

The final new spell for Cataclysm, Spiritwalker’s Grace, sounds extremely interesting. It will give shamans the ability to cast non instant spells while moving, allowing for some amazing healing or dpsing on the run. I’m still skeptical of its utility for Enhancement, since casting a spell could interrupt other abilities that are already available while moving, but these things are still up in the air. These new spells are a nice glimpse of what’s in store for Cataclysm. These new spells are just the beginning, and I’ll take a look at each spec’s specifics in future posts.

Check out the full Blizzard Announcement after the jump.

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New Class Information This Week

6 April 2010 | 1 Comment » | Amatera

Wow. It seems every time I open my mouth about Blizzard’s tight-lipped policies, it’s just before they decide to give us some new information. With each expansion comes considerable changes to class dynamics, prompting us to change the way we play them. Sometimes it’s in the form of new abilities, sometimes it’s due to completely revamped mechanics. Cataclysm is surely no different.

Now, if you remember at BlizzCon, we already learned a thing or two about Warlocks and Hunters (namely, the former would be using Soul Shards in a new way, the latter would no longer be tethered to mana), but surely they can’t have all the fun, right? Well, good news! Everyone‘s getting a pony this week!

Blizzard has set up a tentative schedule for doling out the preliminary changes for each class, which will show up in small batches over the next few days. As Paladins are currently “deeper” into development right now, they’ll have to wait until April 16th for their details. For the rest of the dates, and what you can expect to see in these previews, hit the jump. Continue Reading

All Quiet On the Azerothian Front

5 April 2010 | 4 Comments » | Amatera

Most of you reading Lore Hound right now were probably fans of the site we all used to work for and, quite frankly, you must be wondering “why the heck are they talking about all these other games for? Isn’t this supposed to be a World of Warcraft-focused site?” It’s a valid query, of course. Here are Lore Hound, we do plan on covering a variety of topics because, let’s face it, WoW ain’t the only game in town and some of these other titles really do deserve your attention.

But we still love Warcraft. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be here. The truth of the matter is that, at this moment, there isn’t a whole lot to talk about. Blizzard has been awfully hush-hush on the expansion for months now beyond reiterating and repackaging the information they doled out at last year’s BlizzCon (such as the stat changes). As far as the content goes, we know about as much now as we did just after Cataclysm was announced, and the last time the official site was updated was back in September.

But I feel it, folks. I feel like we’re on the verge of something big because we really have to be.

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