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F2P Friday: Featuring Guns, Robots and Cards (Livestream)

1 August 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_Zombies-Monsters-Robots-f2p_friday_hearthstoneF2P Friday is our weekly showcase of the growing free-to-play market, from MMORPGs to first-person shooters and beyond. The stream team will feature the latest, greatest and just plain fun games that cost you nothing to play. Ever. Granted, you should throw the developer a bone if you enjoy a title, but you don’t have to.

Today’s livestream is going to kick off with the sophomore effort from the makers of TERA. Branching out from its MMORPG roots, En Masse Entertainment is in the midst of development of Zombies Monster Robots, a third-person shooter that’s a mashup of every popular evil antagonist. I mean, the company even added mummies to the game this week! This should be an interesting part of the stream considering a severe lack of even a single play session of ZMR to my name.

Tagging along with ZMR will be my second livestream go at Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. I’ve held strong and resisted the expensive urge to purchase Curse of Naxxramas, but that doesn’t mean I’ve avoided it. After farming gold daily I secured the first non-free wing and will be showcasing my level 20 rogue going after the succulent PvE loot that’s held in the most reused lore in Azeroth. Amazingly, I’ve actually been getting better at Hearthstone albeit in private. Perhaps I’ll win a match or two!

Be sure to subscribe to the channel for all our streams, giveaways and shenanigans. Today is a special one as we will be giving away codes for an M1932 handgun in Zombies Monster Robots. Hit the jump for the livestream, which will be replaced later with the recorded edition of the show. The stream will be going live around 1:00 PM EST and continue for about 2 hours. Continue Reading

Destiny Endgame Designed like MMORPG Encounters

31 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern
My father still asks me to pause games.

My father still asks me to pause games.

If you didn’t play Destiny during its recent beta then you may be surprised to hear that the game is kind of a big deal. Activision really wants you to know that some 4.6 million gamers made it the biggest beta test for a console game in the history of the entire known universe. So early in testing and clearly still under development players did miss out on a variety of expected features. Chief amongst them, the ever important endgame activities. Raids being dubbed as one of the pillars of the shared-world shooter.

Bungie is keeping the exact details of raiding close to its chest still, but Luke Smith did dish a bit to IGN. The way he coyly describes them sets an idea of fighting a TERA-sized boss with guns in my head despite his efforts to not used MMORPG nomenclature. Big monsters, unique abilities and fire squads are all in the mix. These multi-hour adventures will require everything the term raid dreams up in your head, complex battles, strategy and bio breaks. Matchmaking will not be supported for raids because of this complexity. Something that Smith acknowledges as a risk.

This long-time raiding is beginning to get far more interested in Bungie’s upcoming creation. How about you? Do you think the company will manage to pull off an encounter the magnitude of Ragnaros in a shooter? Will the lack of matchmaking be reversed?

MOBA Monday: Pantheon Pandemonium then Into the Heart of the Storm

28 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

A very early lineup of Heroes of the Storm

MOBA Monday is a weekly showcase of how to perform, eh, let’s go with adequately – we hope – in a massive online battle arena. The streaming squad features the hottest, upcoming or most interesting titles of their and the communities fancy for a few rounds of PvP shenanigans in our weekly Twitch channel staple.  

SMITE returns to the forefront of MOBA Monday thanks to a two week break by iTZKooPA during his on location stint at QuakeCon 2014. Jonesing for additional quadra kills, he’ll be taking it to the Arena as he continues his farming of Worshippers and his quest for being the master (of all the SMITE gods). Mastery of skill may or may not come later. We shall see.

Slicing of shrink wrap will continue this week. Heroes of the Storm will be featured for the first time in the history of the Lore Hound Twitch channel. Follow us as we step into a MOBA that doesn’t penalize heavily for character deaths and even features a hero of the Blizzard universe that’s meant to die. Repeatedly.

All this and more shall begin around 1:00 PM EST and rock on for roughly two hours. Hit the jump or head directly to the channel page to watch live. Don’t forget to follow for all the updates and giveaway opportunities. Continue Reading

Martial Arts MMORPG Swordsman Launching in Late July

23 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern


If you’ve been impressed with the open beta testing of Swordsman then get prepared to sharpen your blades or reroll a new martial art house. Perfect World Entertainment has announced that after a few weeks in its open beta phase its latest free-to-play title will be launching to the masses on July 29.

The wuxia-inspired game based upon the best selling universe of Louis Cha has gone from closed beta testing to launch for Western audiences in less than two months.

Testing has led to a variety of changes. More importantly this conversion from testing to full launch end will come with fresh content! The launch will include an updated new player experience and a new end game battle in the Demon Pit. Players anticipate modifications to the ten martial arts schools (classes) and more interaction, meaning battle, with the Ming dynasty. Continue Reading

F2P Friday: Gibbing Orcs & Flipping Cards (Livestream)

11 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_f2p_friday_orcsmustdieunchainedYou’re going to receive a double dose of orcs in the inaugural F2P Friday livestream later today. Kicking off sometime around lunch time for the Eastern (US) time zone – that’s roughly 1:00-3:00 PM for me – the stream will not only be the first of this new weekly stream, but the first of our streams to feature either the tower defense/MOBA Orcs Must Die Unchained or collectible card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

In case the title doesn’t indicate exactly what’s going to go on in this weekly livestream I’ll elaborate. To bookend MOBA Monday, F2P Friday will feature other titles with little-to-no barrier to entry of any genre outside the popular multiplayer online battle arena that’s taken the world by storm since 2010. Expect the likes of Hearthstone, OMDU, NeverwinterMarvel Heroes and many more titles that run on a PC, feature multiplayer in some capacity and cost nothing to get started.

Fair warning, I suck at one, possibly both of the games. Come help me get better!

Be sure to subscribe to the channel for all our streams, giveaways and shenanigans. Hit the jump for the livestream, which will be replaced later has been replaced with the recorded edition of the show. Continue Reading

Get Your Swordsman Closed Beta Access Immediately (Giveaway)

30 June 2014 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

[UPDATE] We’ve secure a second round of keys for the community. Grab your key and sign-up quickly because open beta testing begins July 3. If you wait until then you won’t receive the exclusive closed beta testing items detailed below!


Are you looking for something a bit different? A massive multiplayer online game that leaves the tropes of fantasy or science fiction? Something with a little bit of style to its combat? Swordsman may be what you’re looking for. Based upon the universe of Louis Cha the free-to-play title will engross players in the Ming Dynasty as they fight for one of the ten wuxia classes against rival schools and the Ming government.

Originally announced in mid-March, the Perfect World has rolled the beautifully animated game into its Closed Beta phase. Interested in joining the ranks? We thought you might be so we’ve secured a grand collection of beta keys for the community. No need to wait for the latest round of keys to be email blasted. Grab one immediately at the title’s giveaway page.

These keys aren’t solely beta access. They will also grant the account creator the Black Mountain pack, which includes a special Black Mountain cloak and the exclusive “Lone Wolf” title.

Don’t fret, the key won’t even require a sign up.

Swordsman Heading to Open Beta in July (Video)

27 June 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Perfect World Entertainment announced that Swordsman, the latest title to grace its Arc gaming platform, will be moving its way to Open Beta after remaining in Closed Beta testing for only a short while. For one thing, players can expect a wipe ahead of the transfer on July 3. Another means that our Swordsman Closed Beta keys, complete with exclusive items, will become rather useless in about a week’s time.

Grab them before they run out!

PWE isn’t putting the early testing phase to rest simply by turning off the servers. The company will have none of that. In fact, the end of CB testing will be met with celebration. Beginning later today, June 27, all players are invited to Fu Giu for in-game fun with GMs. Activities will include trivia, PvP and hide-and-seek. Hero’s packs and other prizes will be awarded. The fun begins at 2:00 PM EST/11:00 AM PST.

Have a job or something? PWE will be streaming the festivities. Need early access to Swordsman and a bunch of exclusive items? The only way to obtain such a right is to secure a Hero pack before the perk is nullified after June 29.

In celebration of the approaching Open Beta testing, PWE has released a new trailer, which exists after the cut. Continue Reading

The Orcs Must Die! UNCHAINED Gib-fest Begins June 27 (Video)

18 June 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Developer Robot Entertainment has announced its plans for its third title in the OMD universe. Orcs Must Die! UNCHAINED will be opened to those lucky enough to secure a Closed Beta key on June 27. That’s just a few days away! Be sure to head over to the official site and register for the easiest opportunity.

OMD UNCHAINED brings the orc gib-fest to the massive by way of a F2P MOBA design complete with swords, sorcery, lane pushing and traps. Oh, let there be traps. The new gameplay direction introduces numerous features, such as a new map, a new deck-editing system, and three new heroes  to the 10 made available in the Founder’s alpha. Unchained brings an entirely new competitive spirit to one of the best co-op releases of recent memory.

Alpha players will gain immediate access. That interested? You can still snag a Founder’s Club Pack – as low as $19.99 – for immediate access and additional in-game rewards. Hit the jump for the latest screenshots and the just-released Closed Beta trailer. Continue Reading