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Wuxia-inspired Swordsman Closed Beta Begins

17 June 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Perfect World Entertainment has unleashed its newest game – Swordsman, a martial arts and wuxia-inspired game based on the Chinese novel The Smiling Proud Wanderer. Closed Beta has begun! You can gain access by purchasing a Hero’s Pack, or by signing up on the Swordsman site. As I write this, I’m realizing that I’ve seen one of the tv series based on this novel, and it was pretty interesting – now I’m really curious to try it! Intrigue, romance, martial arts, it’s got a collection of things for an exciting game backdrop!

Closed beta runs from  Monday June 16th at 2pm PDT until Friday June 27th at 2pm PDT.

No details have as yet been provided regarding when open beta begins, although anyone who has purchased a Hero Pack will have early access.

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Transformers Universe Test Your Metal (Trailer)

7 February 2014 | 2 Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Without further delay it’s here. The first gameplay trailer for the reenvisioned Transformers Universe. The upcoming Summer 2014 MOTA from Jagex!

Transformers Universe Breaks The Seal

6 February 2014 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Alright, it’s been a long, long time in an Internet far, far away since we’ve heard anything about Transformers Universe; the once MMORPG, now MOBA. Insert MOBA in disguise joke here. Anyways, the lid has cracked just a tad and we’ve been given a look at the State of the Game from Mark Gerhard, the CEO and CTO of Jagex, the makers of RuneScape.

Three years in and the company has reached tunnel vision. The process of honing in on what makes the title enjoyable and targeting those core gameplay elements with social connections. Gerhard promises that after putting the time in during 2013, the anticipatory community can expect regular updates.

The first of such update is that the team at Jagex is fully committed to launched Transformers Universe in Summer 2014. Not exactly crazy given its been in Closed Beta since December 2012!

As a commander in the Massive Online Tactical Action title, players will be in control of recruiting, maintaining and battling other Transformer warriors. Up next, the first in-game footage since the game’s directional change and a screenshot dump.

WildStar Wants You to Know the Intricacies of a Warrior

6 November 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Let’s make an ass of you and me for the next few moments. You don’t know anything about the upcoming MMORPG from Carbine Studios. You connect nothing to the term of a “warrior” in the MMORPG genre. The term warrior spurs numerous connotations in the community of MMOG players. WildStar is attempting to prove them all incorrect.

It’s not that you won’t be absorbing damage or protecting others. It’s that you’ll be doing it in a completely different style than ever before. As we found out from our recent interview, one nickel on the rail is that groups can interrupt everything. Even bosses! WildStar is attempting to be different than anything than we’ve experienced before and sure as heck sounds to be sounding that battlehorn.

That’s enough of the Lore Hound pitch of the upcoming WildStar class. From here we’ll allow the amazing videographers of Carbine Studios to take it over. After the cut you’ll put your peepers on the close-range, bad ass brute-force brawler. Continue Reading

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Open House #2 Is a Go (Video)

30 July 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

It’s back and better than ever. Ubisoft Montreal is inviting everyone to Opulencia for another romp through user-designed dungeons and a bit of tongue-and-cheek humor. Following the successful open house event from last monthThe Mighty Quest for Epic Loot has unlocked its doors once again. You can go pillage loot right now, in fact!

That’s right, from this very instant (and even six hours before) until August 6, players can assume the guise of Sir Painhammer or Blackeye Bowgart and enjoy questing and defending for a week. If their handsome faces aren’t enough to draw you in how about the first Opulencian Edict, “UNLEASH THE CHICKENS!”

I’ll let the wonderful writers of TMQfEL take it from here:

“If the community is able to extinguish the existence of no less than 10 million chickens during the course of the second Open House event – the chicken will be unlocked and become available as a castle defense item for all players in the next game update.  Chickens have been seen congregating in Castle Chicken Shack and Castle Chicken HQ – you must band together to end their feathery, bucket-headed plots once and for all!”

If you’re wondering why the first open house was deemed a success hit the jump for the fun facts. Oh, and there’s a new trailer featuring the chicken edict as an added bonus! Want continued access? Then snag one of the Founder’s packages. Continue Reading

Dota 2: The Beta is Over! Lore Hound Has You Covered!

9 July 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Spanning a massive two-year beta phase – giving Firefall a run for its money – Valve announced moments ago that its entry to the MOBA ring has dropped the beta tag. Dota 2 and its more than 3 million players and a concurrent max of over 300,000 have helped Valve crunch the data and optimize to a point that Valve, a company known for perfection, feel comfortable with an official launch.

Impressive numbers, correct? Indeed. In fact, they make Dota 2 Steam’s largest active community in history. That’s more than just impressive. There is a slight drawback to such a large community, Valve will be releasing the full version in waves. This is to avoid overloads on the server infrastructure preventing ridiculous queues that have been experienced at peak times for League of Legends.

Not in yet but looking to join the action? There’s a Steam app for that. A friend invite can help you race to the top of the launch queue. The launch also means that you’ve missed your chance to snag an Early Access Pass or Starter Pack.

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The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Rolls Out the Red Carpet

26 June 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Interested in the world of Opulencia, home to countless towers to pillage and one to call home? Then you’ll be happy to know that Ubisoft Montreal is rolling out the red carpet for anyone interested in deploying diabolical traps and ridding the world of countless monsters. Coming July 2-5, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot will be available for every and anyone with an Internet connection and the skills to pay the bills.

 Gamers simply need to fire up the official website, register and prepare for the madness to begin at 4:00 PM July 2. It may only be a scant four days in Opulencia, but Ubisoft Montreal will not wipe the progress allowing characters to retain dungeon designs, gold, experience and skills throughout the open houses in closed beta. And if you enjoy the game that much, which will be free-to-play upon release, there’s always the Founder’s packages.

See you over the holiday event! I’m in as – can you guess it? – iTZKooPA. Hit the jump for the latest screenshots and get ready for Painhammer! Or BogartContinue Reading

Opening Cinematic Released for Marvel Heroes (Video)

6 June 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Marvel Heroes has been in the wild for quite some time, but June 4 marked the official launch for the any interested gamer. Gazillion’s dungeon crawling Marvel title saw a mini-series focusing on the rise of Doctor Doom. This four-part motion comic was not part of the opening cinematic. Nope. Players beginning their adventure were meet with a completely different production.

Presented as an animated short, the trailer introduces players to numerous Marvel mainstays, from Iron Man to the Hulk, and a quick synopsis of their origins. However, the main reason to watch is the discussion of The Watcher and how it ties into the aforementioned motion comic mini series.

“For over three years we’ve been building Marvel Heroes to be an exciting, free-to-play massively multiplayer action game, and we are ecstatic to finally put it in the hands of Marvel fans and gamers alike,” said David Brevik, President and COO of Gazillion Entertainment. “The creation of Marvel Heroes has been a labor of love.  As a die-hard Marvel fan, it’s an honor to give players the chance to take on the roles of their favorite Marvel Super Hero in an epic adventure.”

Hit the jump for the latest trailer and screenshot dump.

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