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PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: Guilds Wars 2 – Near-term Future & That Missing Mobile App (Video)

9 September 2013 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Guild Wars 2 has been doing pretty well for itself. Any title on any platform that can command 3.5 sales is considered a success in the industry. As Game Director Colin Johanson told iTZKooPA, the subscriptionless MMORPG from ArenaNet is pushing past that as it continues to be the fastest selling western MMORPG.

But NCSoft and ArenaNet aren’t content with having that modifier for the fastest selling MMORPG. As such, the title is shortly heading to China. Johanson explained to Lore Hound at PAX Prime 2013 that the company will not change the game design for the new audience. According to their market research, the eastern audience isn’t all that different from the western audience. In addition, the company will attempt to release the some content worldwide instead of having a perceived A audience and B audience.

Most of you reading this probably don’t care what happens in China as long as it doesn’t impact your gameplay. And that’s perfectly acceptable. We were sure to ask a few questions pertaining to everyone, such as whatever happened to the luxurious iPad application that was shown off pre-launch? That and more in the interview beyond the cut.

And don’t forget the videos from last week of the behind-closed-doors demo session featuring WvW, PvP and Living World details. Continue Reading

Rusty Hearts: Requiem Updates Lore, Raises Level Cap

17 February 2012 | 1 Comment » | Randy Denosha

Once more we return to the world of Rusty Hearts, as Perfect World has released a major update for the game: Requiem. Requiem includes these lore and gameplay highlights:

  • Natasha makes her first appearance in Rusty Hearts lore and becomes an integral part of the team
  • Fluffy – yes, Fluffy – wreaks havoc in his monstrous return after a brief glimpse in the prologue/tutorial
  • Frantz searches for his lost love of Amelia heats up
  • Gerald continues his twisted and demented ways as he creates an alliance with Cipher to acquire more power
  • The Golden Seal team investigates the Opera House in an effort to locate the enigmatic power source bringing all the marionettes to life
  • The team’s investigation brings it to uncharted depths of the theater where they encounter one of the biggest enemies ever seen

Last, but certainly not the least, new skills for all characters, and a higher level cap.

We’ll have an in-depth look at Requiem after I investigate the newest update this weekend.

WoW PTR Patch 4.2 – Dungeon Journal Preview (Video)

16 May 2011 | 1 Comment » | pixiestixy

The Dungeon Journal (currently labeled ‘Encounter Journal’ in-game) is one quite handy dandy feature currently being tested on WoW’s Public Test Realm for Patch 4.2. A cheat sheet of sorts, this new tab can be accessed via the bottom, right-hand menu of buttons in-game, right next to the dungeon finder. It gives all sorts of useful information about Cataclysm dungeons and raids, including a basic synopsis of lore, boss character models and detailed lists of abilities with which bosses will attempt to pummel you in an encounter.

While the feature doesn’t specifically give tactics, an experienced player should be able to take hints from the boss’s listed abilities and decide how to perform. I’m guessing that the addition of this feature and making this information easily accessible without a trip to WoWhead, TankSpot or other website of choice may make players pretty harsh against anyone who goes into an encounter without at least some information.

Want to do a random dungeon but worried about getting put in one you don’t yet know? This will help cancel those worries. Plus, it will ease strain on players who simply cannot alt-tab out without facing dire consequences. Heard enough? Take a look at the video below to get a feel for how it works.