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Swordsman Review: How Important is the First Hour? (Part 2)

19 August 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

2014-07-09 22-40-24For most reviews, I separate out the different parts of the game in question and evaluate them on their own (See Part 1 here!); What is the combat like; how does the character advance; is the community friendly. And I started to do that with Swordsman, and rapidly found myself frustrated. So for part 2, working on evaluating the meat of the game, I’m going to take a different tactic because I’ve found Swordsman exemplifies the absolute importance of a game’s first impression. There are far too many games out there now for designers to have the luxury of ignoring the initial 30 minutes of play.

Those 30 minutes, that first hour – they are perhaps the single most important period of time for any game. Take The Secret World, for example. I love that game, I really do. It has a permanent place on my harddrive next to Morrowind, and I have never for even a moment felt regret over the purchase of the lifetime pack. But every time I tell someone new about the game, I feel compelled to introduce it by telling them that they need to start playing it when they have time – because that first hour sucks.

Why do I bring up The Secret World when I’m here to talk about Swordsman? Because that first hour in Swordsman, that golden hour of gaming, makes the first hour of The Secret World look amazing. I have since come to appreciate some of what Swordsman does and I’m still playing it, but I’ll make no bones about the fact that it has the first few hours of the most boring play that I’ve ever suffered through. Continue Reading

Steel Crusade Set to Eradicate Champions Online

13 August 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

CO_SteelCrusade_RoboPunch There be some busy bees buzzing around at Cryptic Studios. The developer announced a new content patch for its original free-to-play title Champions Online. Partnered with the upcoming second expansion for Star Trek Online and the August 14 release (hey, that’s tomorrow!) of Tyranny of Dragons module for Neverwinter the Perfect World Entertainment subsidiary has not taken the summer off in any sense.

The Steel Crusade update brings the superheros of Millennium City face-to-unique-face with Mechanon, a robot supervillain that believes sentient life is best when made out of cold, heartless steel. Players will have to explore new areas, snuff out a nanobot virus and crusade Mechanon’s satellite fortress to save the world.

Three new instances, a new mission hub dubbed with a ridiculous NASA-worthy acronym of UNTIL (United Nations Tribunal on International Law) and a new archetype are a part of Steel Crusade. Additional Mechanon-focused content will follow the September 4 launch of Steel Crusade in time with the fifth anniversary in late September.

We’re hopefully be getting some hands on of Steel Crusade at PAX Prime later this month. Until then the screenshots after the cut will have to hold you over. Continue Reading

Analyst: League of Legends Leaving Loaves of Bread on the Table

11 August 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Yeah, that kind of dough.

Detractors have been saying the sky is falling on the free-to-play market since, well, the beginning. Initially, it was a business model that would never work with western audiences, then it was that it was a niche. Something that’ll never be mainstream. Well, now we’ve hundreds of F2P games ranging from the original MMORPG incarnations to new genres like MOBAs and old genres like shooters. Digital platforms like Steam and Xbox Live are both on board. Heck, our weekly F2P showcase wouldn’t need to double up on a game for ages and still have quality options.

Most of these Chicken Little claims were conjecture, biased industry veterans or outside analysts. Today, Gamasutra put up a piece that uses (more than the usual amount of) internal information from one of the watershed F2P stories, Riot Games and its sole product League of Legends. In addition, the analyst, Teut Weidemann of Blue Byte, an Ubisoft studio, uses external details. Analysis complete, he doesn’t pull an end of the world claim, but does see numerous flaws in the business model employed by Riot. Essentially, the California company could be making at least quadruple what it is and still be at the low end of the F2P industry metrics.

His analysis found three basic problems causing the drain. Continue Reading

Swordsman Review: Wuxia’s Digital Introduction (Part 1)

8 August 2014 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

2014-07-09 22-40-24Swordsman is the newest MMO on the Perfect World lineup, an epic wuxia-styled game set in the novels of Louis Cha. This is a game that I really wanted to like. I enjoy the subject material – it’s very difficult for me to resist giving kung fu games a try every time I see one – and I have also seen two of the tv serials based on Cha’s The Book and the Sword novels.  There is so much possibility in the setting; secret societies, kung fu, warring martial arts schools, intrigue, romance.. but does the game live up to it?

Installation was easy. Thanks to the Arc console, I simply went to the games section, clicked Swordsman and waited. I did have a black screen issue that prevented me from playing for a day, but the guys at PW very quickly came to my aid and helped me discover I was having bios issues after my newest computer upgrade. Mea culpa – that had nothing to do with the game itself and it ran fine once I sorted those out! My only complaint about the loadup of the game is the splash screen with an image of Cha’s book and warnings about copyright violations lingers on the screen for just a bit too long for this impatient gamer’s taste and can’t be escaped. But that’s admittedly on the nitpicky end of things. I have definitely seen splash screens that are more annoying. Continue Reading

Zombies Monsters Robots Meets Your Mummy

30 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_zombie_monsters_robots_mummyEn Masse Entertainment is jamming every fearsome archtype from the coffers of horror for its upcoming free-to-play third-person shooter Zombies Monsters Robots. The company announced the latest addition to ZMR will be Mummies. Sure, the Mummy See Mummy Doom update may severely lack Brendan Fraser, but it manages to sound fun even if it is lacking his dashing good looks and amazing hairline (he still looks like he did in the movies, right?).

The update, which is available now if you’ve closed beta access, contains six new maps, more guns do dish out damage, new gear to protect your from it and a PvP mode in Blood Diamonds that glorifies a horrible human trait to work people to death over shiny stones. So yeah, I guess that is definitely going over the top in this third-person shooter. Continue Reading

Orcs Must Die! Unchained Using Beta to, Well, Beta Test

25 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern


It’s quite a common derision among gamers these days that beta tests are simply marketing. Or glorified demos. Companies, be they makers of a MOBA, MMORPG or MMOFPS, by and large deserve the cynicism because so few appear use this core software programming stage as it’s intended. Instead, it’s a way to test the waters, grab early cash or look to secure whales and hope for a network effect to kick in. What’s worse is that game closures at this stage have become alarmingly frequent. Previously, only a small community would be impacted, that’s if any public awareness was made at all.

Robot Entertainment doesn’t appear to be doing any of this with its MOBA/Tower defense blend in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Guest Heroes have been added early on to gauge balance and interest, user interfaces and matchmaking have seen slow, if sweeping changes and wipes are promised to be careful considerations. The latter of which came earlier this week. Continue Reading

Neverwinter to Usher in Dragonborn Player Class with Module 4

24 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

lh_Dragonborn_neverwinter_tyranny_release_datePerfect World Entertainment announced the inclusion of a new race for the latest module for Neverwinter. Introducing the Dragonborn. The free-to-play action-oriented title set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe will begin to feature a playable race spawned of its namesake. These steadfast and honorable people will join the rank and file on August 14.

The quick and easy way to unlock access to the Dragonborn is, obviously, to pay for it. At first glance the Dragonborn Legend Pack is incredibly expensive for a F2P item at a pricey $74.99 (originally marked as a $99.99 value). Yet it boasts several impressive items, including five powerful epic items blessed by Bahamut, access to the new race, a 30-slot bag and Race Change token, multiple cosmetic items and a Gemfinder Enchantment. Full item rundown here.

This blogger feels that you’re effectively buying power with the Dragonborn Legend Pack. Thankfully, Neverwinter is not known for its PvP.

This is the second major feature announcement for Tyranny of Dragons, which is the title’s forth module. The Dragonborn follow the reveal of a new playable class, the Scourge Warlock. Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment promise that the Seasons of Dragons reveals will continue through 2014. Tyranny of Dragons and the Dragonborn will unlock on August 14.

Martial Arts MMORPG Swordsman Launching in Late July

23 July 2014 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern


If you’ve been impressed with the open beta testing of Swordsman then get prepared to sharpen your blades or reroll a new martial art house. Perfect World Entertainment has announced that after a few weeks in its open beta phase its latest free-to-play title will be launching to the masses on July 29.

The wuxia-inspired game based upon the best selling universe of Louis Cha has gone from closed beta testing to launch for Western audiences in less than two months.

Testing has led to a variety of changes. More importantly this conversion from testing to full launch end will come with fresh content! The launch will include an updated new player experience and a new end game battle in the Demon Pit. Players anticipate modifications to the ten martial arts schools (classes) and more interaction, meaning battle, with the Ming dynasty. Continue Reading