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Game of Thrones Ascent Updated Ahead of Season 4

7 October 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

The Song of Ice and Fire franchise is enormous. Sure, the HBO series that Game of Thrones Ascent has tapped into the universe, but it – the game or TV series – has barely cracked the surface of George R. R. Martin’s incredible universe. And that’s exactly why Ascent has plenty of material to work with. For ages of content patches.

The latest content patch includes much of Season 3’s big developments, including the introduction of House Tyrell, and, in a fashion, Alliance vs. Alliance combat. The former is clear enough, a new great house added to the world bringing the total to six. Alliance vs. Alliance combat is far more complicated allowing players to form regional alliances over the course of the game. An improved chat system is included to aid in organizational efforts.

The other big addition, which is integrated well with AvA combat, is Item Enchantments. Players can now make changes to crafted and acquired items as well as Sworn Swords. The Seals, best when created by other players, will carry over through reincarnations and new characters.

All of this ahead of Season 4′s premiere in 2014. More media after the jump. Continue Reading

Allods Online Offering Subscription Server and Leveling Contest

4 October 2013 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Every f2p game I’ve ever seen has had calls for subscription only servers. Every game, every forum, I can’t think of a single one where I haven’t at least once seen a thread asking for a server for subscription members only that has no cash shop – just a monthly fee and everything in game. These calls have generally gone unheeded – the few exceptions I can think of were in games that went f2p after a “failed” subscription launch – until now. Allods Online, advertised, launched, and supported as a fully f2p game, has opened a subscription only server. That has no cash shop access at all.

Pretty interesting. There are some benefits being offered on the new server, beyond no cash shop. Continue Reading

EQ2: Restrictions Removed, Heroic Characters and Expansion Pre-orders

1 October 2013 | 3 Comments » | Pherephassa

It’s currently a very beautiful time to be a free player in EQ2. Already one of the best f2p models out there, SoE just made it even better – the gear restrictions in place for bronze and silver accounts have been removed. Now, once the servers come back online after today’s patch, anyone, paying or not, can use any piece of shiny gear they can get their hands on. And if that isn’t enough, Heroic Characters are also going live!

But wait, there’s more! Buy now, and they’ll DOUBLE your offer! That’s right, for the price of … ok, ok, back to the more serious news. Keep reading for the skinny on today’s patch, the upcoming expansion, producer’s letter, and other goodness.

The patch going live today is actually a pretty spiffy one. Previously, silver and bronze players couldn’t access legendary or fabled quality gear. This includes not only the best actual gear in the game, but skills and abilities as well. So while I’ve thought for a while that SoE currently has one of the best f2p systems on the market, there was an element of pay to win involved. I kept getting all these lovely, shiny pieces of gear that just sat in my bank for whenever I got around to subbing. Now, I can actually use them! Huzzah! I’ll admit, that alone makes it more likely that I’ll pick up the upcoming expansion, Tears of Veeshan. Continue Reading

Banned from TERA … for life!

27 September 2013 | 10 Comments » | Mike

I’ve been a gaming journalist, albeit a rather unknown journalist, for some years now mainly covering MMO games and spending much of my time playing them. In that time I’ve never received a ban, a temp ban or so much as a warning since I tend to follow the rules of the land.

However it seems En Masse is quick to label me a rule-breaker and has taken it upon itself to ban the very account they gave me for free, a Collector’s Edition account at that, for what seems like a completely ridiculous reason.

I haven’t played TERA since I wrote my review for it over a year ago, however, when they announced their LevelUp promotion where you can get a instant level 58 character I decided to log into my old account and create a new character.

I figured it’s been some time since the launch, the game has changed and I’ll go check out the endgame content since I only got to level 41 in my review. I then checked my account a few days later to find out it’s been banned. WTF?

To understand why I was banned we have to go back about a week ago. Continue Reading

Infinite Crisis: Enter the Catwoman

27 September 2013 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

A new champion has entered the fight to save the DC Multiverse from total annihilation – Catwoman! Reflexes, martial arts, a deadly whip and a hot catsuit – what more could you ask for?

How about a video, and a beta? If you like what you see, there’s even a Founder’s Pack!

Infinite Crisis is filling out its supers roster, and accepting beta applications as you read this. If you like MOBAs, keep on reading for the details. I like the blurb about raining down fire and throwing cars. Nothing says fun like smashing a few buildings to rubble, tossing some cars, and summoning fire from the sky! Continue Reading

Andy Velasquez On Neverwinter’s Progress, Lockboxes & Module 2

25 September 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Is it still on me?

The fine folks over at Massively scored a lengthy and somewhat candid interview with our buddy Andy Velasquez. The lead producer of Neverwinter leads off that he plays on an unknown character for the sole purpose of not feeling special. The piece contains a ton of information on all aspects of the newish action-oriented MMORPG. From feedback reception and response to the Foundry, Module 1, those teasing lockboxes to the upcoming second content patch known as Module 2, it’s all there.

Personally, I found the admission that Cryptic Studios has been failing to correctly promote the Thursday bug fixes most interesting. In addition, perhaps even more than addition given Velasquez’s motive, the company will begin touting these important changes alongside sales and other more glamorous announcements.

Following that is the admission that the the sale of lockbox keys is a crucial item in the microtransaction store. One that never, ever goes away and multiplies like a thousand randy rabbits. Effectively, the risk for players to by chance “win” elusive items like a mount or companion is driving them to spend more on keys than outright buy the same item from the cash shop. I wonder what Jamie Madigan would posit on the topic.

Let’s ask him.

Seriously, if you’re a fan of Neverwinter and you’ve got 15 minutes to spend then this interview is well worth the time.

Pherephassa’s Acerbia: EQN Round Table with Gun-wielding Ninjas

25 September 2013 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

Avoural rounded the corner, his keen elven senses piercing the gloom beyond the flickering torch held by his larger companion. The two had been traveling together for quite some time, exploring Norrath, although they’d never been as deep underground as this before. He knew Galnar with his human vision was having a difficult time in the cramped caves, but Avoural was enjoying the spaces that forced their enemies into tightly packed bunches that were just perfectly placed for fireballs. The tunnel they were following opened up into a wide chamber ahead, and he could hear something massive moving around. He gestured for quiet, and Galnar doused the torch before the two crept carefully forward. And then they saw it – the largest dragon Avoural had ever seen. Galnar gripped his sword even as Avoural reached for his staff – it’d be a tough fight, but they couldn’t resist a challenge.

“Aaeeeeeeeeeiiiiiii!” Suddenly a black-clad woman charged into the cavern from another tunnel, hollering a battle cry as she pulled out two pistols mid spin. The echoes of gunfire filled the cavern, drowning out the roars of the dragon as it responded to the rain of bullets. “Die, dragon!” A second cry joined the noise as another black clad figure revealed itself with the loud crack of machine gun fire.

Rather jarring. This is the outcome we’re all worried about, isn’t it? When the question about guns and ninjas in Everquest: Next was originally asked, my instinctive response was no, no, please no. But is that the subject itself, or a response to the ‘modern concept’ tag that was attached when the question was asked – How do you feel about modern concepts like guns and ninjas in EverQuest Next? Continue Reading

PAX Prime 2013 Exclusive: First Look at Splash Damage’s MMOFPS Extraction (Video)

23 September 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Growing up with the creation of the FPS genre and watching its transition to consoles means I’ve played plenty of first-person shooter games. Every setting, every time frame, the good, the bad, the “eh, it was $20,” I’ve been around the block. Naturally, this means I’ve sunk quite a few hours in the products from Splash Damage since the company’s founding at the turn of the millennium.

Largely quiet since the mixed reception of Brink, Splash Damage and Nexon announced 48 hours ahead of PAX Prime 2013 that the companies had partnered up to create and publish Extraction, an objective-based first-person shooter. We caught up with Splash Damage Creative Director Alastair Cornish and Nexon’s Chris Gyselinck during the show to get the skinny

The game remains in pre-alpha, but gameplay is quite polished this early. Due to the distance from release, many specifics remain secretive yet gameplay, game modes, customization and even the business model – free to play naturally – are touched upon. It’s all after the cut.

Continue Reading