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Candid Post Reveals SMITE’s “Unusual” Success Kept Tribes: Ascend Afloat

13 September 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Hi-Rez Studios once again wen to the madness of Reddit to disseminate information regarding Tribes: Ascend, its frantic shooter and sophomore release. Earlier this year, COO Todd Harris broke the news that the company had effectively ceased development on the title to focus on Global Agenda 2 and god-based MOBA SMITE. The announcement came with two caveats. One, that it was only that there was nothing substantial in the chute for the next six months. The second hangup was that Hi-Rez Studios had begun work on a new map and hoped to release map-making tools to the community.

In an insanely transparent post on Reddit, CEO Erez Goren revealed the company’s profitability game-by-game. Not actual figures mind you, but that Global Agenda failed to make money and remained a loss generating, yet supported project for a year after launch. Tribes Ascend broke even “at best”. There are numerous reasons, proven and suspect, given for both.

What’s most interesting is the case of SMITE. The opposite of what the Tribes community may suspect, the MOBA, which has increased in popularity every month, has supported the shooter. Had SMITE not come, the servers, likely the company, would have shut down. Continue Reading

Arcane Green Lantern Heading to Infinite Crisis September 16 (Video)

9 September 2013 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Turbine Entertainment has unveiled the details behind the next DC superhero incarnation to enter the fray. The Infinite Crisis edition of Green Lantern known as Arcane Green Lantern will be debuting in the MOBA with the September 16 patch. This patch isn’t detailed beyond Arcane’s Champion reveal.

This incarnation of GL stays true to form. Turbine Entertainment has designed the champion to be an expert at wielding the powers bestowed upon him by the Order of the Emerald Knights. Arcane Green Lantern is tailored as hardcore support unleashing defensive buffs and general support to his squad.

We’ll have more on Infinite Crisis from PAX Prime 2013 later this week. Continue Reading

First Look: Marvel Heroes Details Spider-Man & Cable (Video)

5 September 2013 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy with its intentions for Marvel Heroes. There have been some false starts and hiccups since launch, but the developer, helmed by David Brevik of Diablo and Blizzard North fame, have carried on. Through package changes, permanent discounts, farming overhauls and a dramatic revamp of the entire combat system, Marvel Heroes has seen a lot in its short life.

Earlier we introduced an unlikely pair that are heading to Marvel Heroes shortly. The dry witted White Queen known as Emma Frost and an incarnation of The Thing known as Fear Itself. Now we bring you two super heroes that have shared plenty of history, Spider-man and the time-traveling Cable. The two also features much longer, more detailed, voiced trailers with a cameo by Stan Lee!

Spider-man is built as a balanced character relying on his acrobatics, web-based attacks and melee attacks to banish enemies into unconsciousness. The various trees can change his gameplay from a melee fighter to a ranged CC character or a solo friendly support character. Cable is the perfect soldier featuring a multitude of stuns and ranged damage. The different trees enable him to be a vicious crowd controller, party buffer, or a debuffing hero capable of wanton destruction. Continue Reading

First Look: Marvel Heroes Unveils Emma Frost & The Thing (Video)

5 September 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Gazillion Entertainment hasn’t been shy with its intentions for Marvel Heroes. There have been some false starts and hiccups since launch, but the developer, helmed by David Brevik of Diablo and Blizzard North fame, have carried on. Through package changes, permanent discounts, farming overhauls and a dramatic revamp of the entire combat system, Marvel Heroes has seen a lot in its short life.

And it hasn’t stopped the developer from tapping that massive Marvel universe for characters large, small, known and secretive. The latest pair to grace the upcoming bin are Emma Frost and The Thing.

The sexy Emma Frost uses her psychic powers to target organic foes and quite literally bring them to their knees. Her mental fortitude enables her to control any non-boss in the game as a minion, unleashing the destructive forces of sentinels or dinosaurs on her enemies.  Gazillion even teases us with a few costume options in the reveal. The special The Thing Fear Itself packs a wallop and a lot of attitude. The minute trailer only gives us a small taste of the rock hard hero, but anyone badass enough to stand toe-to-toe with Juggernaut is damn good in my book. Continue Reading

MechWarrior Online Releases new Pre-order Package (Video)

4 September 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

The Inner Sphere is changing once again. Developer Piranha Games has pushed out the latest content patch to its current open beta soon-to-be launched MMO shooter MechWarrior Online. With the September 17, 2013 launch date creeping ever closer, the studio has unveiled a new pre-order option, the Saber Package.

An upgrade to the previously and still available Phoenix Package, the $30 Saber package includes the classic mechs ‘The Wolverine’ and the ‘Griffon’. The special editions come complete with a 30% increase to C-bill production, a 10% increase to loyalty and custom camo and patterns. The option also includes the less desirable but no less functional standard variants of the vertical tanks.

The latest update also includes the standard introduction of a new mech, this time the Hero mech known as Protector. The first installment of the planned comprehensive tutorial is also part of the latest update. The full reveal of Protector is after the cut. Continue Reading

How to Snag the Gold Skins in SMITE

4 September 2013 | 4 Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Oh, heavens. It’s not like SMITE hasn’t been taking up enough of our time. The still-in-closed-beta open beta MOBA from Hi-Rez Studios recently modified the progression process in favor of a game mechanic far more appropriate to a MOBA. Favor earns you basic skins and unlocks gods and now players can farm Worshipers instead of experience.

Announced back in mid May, the change enables players to focus on their favorite gods instead of overall player-based experience. By winning a match with a chosen Demigod, Deity or God players earn Worshipers. Once you hit Level 1 with a specific god you’ll unlock the Golden skin for purchase. Alternatively, players can buy the unique skins with large amounts of Favor or a hefty amount of gems.

As of press, details remain scarce on progression past Level 1. Legendary skins, slightly modified Golden skins, become available upon hitting Mastery Level 10. That’s no joke, requiring roughly 100 wins to obtain.

Hit the jump to learn which gods have Golden skins available. And yes, it’s fully expected that each god will have a Golden skin down the road. Continue Reading

SMITE Unleashes Zhong Kui The Demon Queller, Upgrades Guan Yu (Video)

2 September 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

The major news is the introduction of the latest Chinese hero, Zhong Kui. And yes, it actually happened last week but PAX Prime got in the way of our normal timely coverage. But the key word there is that that’s the major news. The news that the hardcore followers of SMITE expected since it was broken over on the TwitchTV channel.

What wasn’t expected is the further update to the Chinese pantheon. Guan Yu has received a Hel-style update, dramatically altering his playstyle. Not quite the full overhaul the queen of the damned received but Guan Yu has gone from a magical melee character to a physical one. The change is not limited to the folk hero’s details. The update includes his model, effects, animations and card art. He must have hit the Biogenesis clinic.

Cresting past the 40-god mark, SMITE seems no closer to final release with more large changes looming. This patch brings further god and itemization changes, a solid amount of bug fixes, and new golden skins for Kali, Fenrir and Freya.

Full notes and god reveal after the cut.

Continue Reading

EQ2: Restrictions Removed, Heroic Characters and Expansion Pre-Orders

1 September 2013 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

It’s currently a very beautiful time to be a free player in EQ2. Already one of the best f2p models out there, SoE just made it even better – the gear restrictions in place for bronze and silver accounts have been removed. Now, once the servers come back online after today’s patch, anyone, paying or not, can use any piece of shiny gear they can get their hands on. And if that isn’t enough, Heroic Characters are also going live!

But wait, there’s more! Buy now, and they’ll DOUBLE your offer! That’s right, for the price of … ok, ok, back to the more serious news. Keep reading for the skinny on today’s patch, the upcoming expansion, producer’s letter, and other goodness. Continue Reading