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Gear Check: Gearing Your Restoration Druid for Heroics

15 February 2011 | 1 Comment » | Barugaara

No longer relegated to a permanent tree form, choosing the right equipment for your Restoration Druid is more important than ever! But you’ll have to wait until you your gear is up to snuff before you start playing dress-up. As with all of our Cataclysm Gear Check guides, we’ve provided you with a variety of ways to hit that elusive 329 ilevel cap required for entrance to Heroic 5-man dungeons.

Remember that while it eventually evens out a bit once you outfit yourself with Heroic and raiding items, initial healing and mana management can be a little tricky in this expansion, even with the pieces shown below.

Stat Priority: Intellect > Spirit > Haste > Mastery > Crit

Generally, you are going to want all of your gear to have spirit on it. However, if a piece has a significant abundance of intellect, don’t hesitate grabbing it!

As a Druid, we are gifted with the nifty ability to wear cloth gear. Or more appropriately, we were. We now receive a intellect bonus for wearing all leather, so that is definitely worth going for.

Chances are if you have leveled to 85, you have ran into all of the six new factions this expansion. As it turns out, these guys are real nice and are willing to hand out some (more or less) free blues to get you started. I would recommend checking them out.

Gear Check: Loot that Will Prep Your Hunter for Heroics

14 February 2011 | 7 Comments » | Kershocker

Kersh - Survival Hunter

DING! Your hunter just reached level 85 and, now that the level bar is gone, you have no clue what to do next. So where should you go to get the pieces of gear missing to reach an average iLvl of 329 — and be able to queue for Heroics? Let me help you! Here I’ll list the best pieces of Pre-Heroic hunter gear you can obtain so to get you prepared to step into heroics.

This list will include items you can obtain by quests, crafting, reputation rewards, regular dungeons and Justice Points. The reason why I’m including Justice Points and iLvl 359 Reputation gear is because you can technically get those without spending time in heroic dungeons.

To be honest, I’ve always been a Survival Hunter. While I’ve leveled as BM, SV is the only spec I use for End-Game Content, but, from what I’ve read, stat priority is pretty much the same between the 3 specs. Oh, and just like in WotLK, Agility is still the best stat.

Agility >Haste [Soft Cap] > Hit [Until Capped] > Critical Strike > Haste > Mastery

If you feel like investigating a bit more about Stat Priority for your spec, take a look at:

Beast Mastery – Elitist Jerks

Marksmanship – Elitist Jerks

Survival – Elitist Jerks


iLvl 346:

  1. Willow Mask – 2200 Justice Points
  2. Windhome Helm / Snarling Helm – Revered with Wildhammer Clan / Dragonmaw Clan

iLvl 333:

  1. Wildhammer Riding Helm – Grim Batol: General Umbriss


iLvl 346:

  1. Wrap of the Valley Glades – 1650 Justice Points

iLvl 333:

  1. Bloodpetal Mantel – Halls of Origination: Ammunae
  2. Mantle of Moss – Honored with The Earthen Ring Continue Reading

Gearscore Version 4 Video Preview

27 November 2010 | 3 Comments » | Heartbourne

Gearscore, the addon that became the ubiquitous way to measure the quality of a player’s gear, is soon going to move into a completely new version with many enhancements. The previous versions of the addon simply gave players a number representing the quality of their gear, and the addon would display the calculation for other players by simply mousing-over them or by querying other players running the addon. It received widespread criticism for assisting the cultural shift of measuring a player’s ability based on their gear alone.

Now, the addon is much more robust and displays all sorts of information about a player. It is lightweight at approximately 135kb of memory usage and does not take up as much space as shown in the video. The default “summary” page displays a weighted calculation of a player’s gear, as well as new scores showing the extent of their quest and achievement completion, raid experience based on boss kill statistics, and PvP experience. It also shows their spec, guild, guild ranking, and other player’s ratings of that character.

From there, it shows how well-equipped they are to participate in different raids and their overall progression status. Finally, it lists any red flags, such as wrong enchants, and all of the equipment the character is wearing.

Click through for more, and my own opinion on how to use this addon. Continue Reading

Lore Hound WoWcast Episode 12: Longer Does Not Mean Better

6 July 2010 | 2 Comments » | LHStaff


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Join Juggynaut, pixiestixy, and Amatera as they discuss the latest WoW news. Topics include:

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The 12 Laws of World of Warcraft

5 July 2010 | 9 Comments » | Mordil

Most of these refer to in-game mechanics, inside jokes, or pop culture surrounding World of Warcraft inside jokes. You can add to, agree with, disagree with, or remove any of these as you see fit. I sat with a group of friends and jokingly brainstormed these up. Hope you get a kick out of them as much as I did.

Rule I:

You can eat and drink at the same time.

This just blows everyone’s minds when they first log in and start playing the game. It’s just something that goes against nature. Seriously, when was the last time you tried to eat and drink at the same time without, you know, choking? I’ve had problems doing just one without choking!

Rule II:

You can create fire under water.

Despite being once again against the laws of nature and physics, it is possible for fire to exist underwater. Many times I’ve laughed while playing a Mage and realizing that when casting Fireball underwater, it flies toward the mob without sizzling out.

Rule III:

You can run through walls.

With all games you’ll find some graphical and clipping errors, the ones where your mount’s head is sticking through a wall or your gun is inside some other person’s body (without blasting a hole through them). Some even use this to their advantage in PvP, such as when they stand on the upper platform in the AH of Stormwind.

Click through for the remaining rules.

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Blizzard Curbs Gear-Check Calls

25 June 2010 | 3 Comments » | Amatera

An e-peen meter, or a reference to the growing popularity of GearScore-like add-ons?

If you really enjoy inspecting people in World of Warcraft, it usually means one of two things: you’re either a dirty, filthy voyeur or you have a fetish for Gearscores. Though Blizzard staunchly states the rampant reliance of the latter isn’t one of their primary reasons for doing so, it will no doubt suffer from collateral damage when they implement their latest measure — “throttling” inspect requests.

The end goal of this new rule is to ease the impact on the servers, which have becoming increasingly busy due to people scanning said Gearscores (usually for the purposes of e-peen comparison or potential invitation to a PuG raid), many using special add-ons to do so. Essentially, every time that add-on is retrieving information on a character’s equipment, it has to make a call to the server, and some do this frequently, behind-the-scenes, without the user even noticing.

Here’s what Nethaera had to say about it:

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WoWFlix: How to Win at Pugs and Gearscore

24 May 2010 | 3 Comments » | Heartbourne

This latest gem by wowcrendor, the same guy who brought you the fake Cataclysm trailer, has made an excellent video explaining what PuGing is like in a 3.3 world with the LFG tool.

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