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QuakeCon 2015: What Really Grinds My Gears about Fallout 4

25 July 2015 | 1 Comment » | Jeremy Whittington



On Friday Bethesda had a sneak peak for Fallout 4 at Quakecon 2015. Quakecon is a PC gaming conference with the largest LAN party in the country. PC Master race is in full effect. Yet, Bethesda decides to show a console game play trailer for the upcoming release of Fallout 4. Lets put aside the fact that I was cringing the entire time I saw the guy turn around or aim. The graphics were atrocious.

what-year-is-itYou might be able to chalk it up to alpha footage, but I have a feeling the final product will not be much better. I kept thinking to my self WHAT YEAR IS IT?

I am a huge Fallout fan and I would rather have great game-play over graphics, but c’mon. Aside from the painfully hard to watch demo the game itself looks amazing. Huge open world, companions, which apparently you can have relationships with, irregardless of your sexual preference. An interesting skill system which will allow you to open up special abilities. All controllable through the Pip-boy wrist watch.

One lucky Quakecon attendee actually won a real life Pip-boy!

I hope the graphics are not the final product and I am looking forward to wasting many many hours in Fallout 4.

Pherephassa’s Pithy Opining: This game looks like trash. I’m out!

23 January 2013 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

This was said last night on a game forum I occasionally skim about a video that was found on a foreign site. The particular game doesn’t matter, because I’ve seen variations of this on every single MMO I’ve ever followed. Every single forum, every single pre-release game, there’s always someone who is ranting about how trashy and outdated the graphics are and how they’re not going to play it. As is always the case when I see such a dramatic statement of graphical displeasure, I’m sitting here looking at the same video this poster is, and thinking ‘huh? trash? where?’ In this particular case, that same video got me all pumped up and wanting to play right now– so I’m sitting here even more puzzled than usual.

What makes me even more amused is that this poster is throwing around games that “blow this one out of the water” but with the exception of Tera, they are all single player games.  I have never played Skyrim, but I do feel fairly confident that the graphics of Skyrim will be able to beat out the graphics of just about any MMO – because it doesn’t have to render other players. I’m finding I want to put that last part in bold. :)

For more of my rambling (or perhaps ranting) on the importance of graphics, and for a link to the video in question, hit the jump below.

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Trions Worlds & Crytek Kick Off Warface Beta Testing

18 January 2013 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Talk about a beta weekend. Between the first beta of Defiance, the third beta of Transformers Universe and now the free-to-play AAA shooter Warface, gamers are going to have a busy weekend. No matter what your favored time sink may be, as long as it involves killing other animate objects, this weekend has it for you, for free!

The announcement came late last night, revealing that the graphical gem has moved to its Closed Beta phase. Neither Crytek nor Trion Worlds has given a definitive launch date. Rather the companies are expecting the community to shape the game ahead of launch, allowing for a flexible schedule.

Well, here’s what Dirk Metzger, the GM of Publishing for Crytek had to say on the matter:

“We look forward to making the experience even more engaging as waves of pre-registered players are invited to join the closed beta and play their part in shaping Warface ahead of its final launch.”

Currently, FPSers can salivate over a Spring 2013 window. Beta applicants are still being accepted.

Choosing Your Perfect Virtual World

17 November 2010 | 2 Comments » | Ronix

Massive Multiplayer Online Games require more time and effort to really get to know than their single-player counterparts. With more and more titles going free-to-play, it has become easier to try them out. But getting to the core of an MMOG takes a substantial investment on the behalf of players. So, deciding on what game you want to devote your money and attention to is an important choice we all have to make. And one that can cost an obtuse amount of time.

There are several titles on my list of MMOGs that I await with a mixture of excitement and cautious anticipation. In the end, I’ll still have to decide what game will become my main addiction, the one that will hopefully keep me entertained and hooked for a while. How do we select the right title and on what criteria do we base our decision on? The choice is, of course, a personal one, but here is a list of factors that make it or break it for me when deciding on an MMOG. Mind you, the topics are in no particular order.

The setting
Beginning your adventure in a fresh new world is a thrilling experience. This is why one of the first factors that can draw me in is the game world itself. Some settings have almost a universal appeal – *cough* fantasy *cough* – others are less popular but still attract a large-enough audience. This, however, doesn’t mean we should simply judge them at face value. Even within the realms of fantasy there are numerous differences in the presentation and mythos surrounding the world. These differences determine whether a game is successful in providing a stimulating context and meaning to our actions. In this way, the lore serves as an important medium through which you connect with the game world and believe in it. So, if the setting doesn’t hook me from the start, chances are, I won’t be even interested in giving the game a go.

In-game systems

In the last five or so years, combat has increasingly become more prominent as a game system that most people look at first for an upcoming title. While it is certainly an important deciding factor (as a general rule, I tend to gravitate towards titles that have some sort of PvP involved), we should not forget about other game mechanics that largely affect our MMOG experience. This includes the level of freedom provided within the game (is it too linear or not enough direction?), the role-playing system (is it something fresh, innovative; what is customization like?) and other less conclusive examples (the level of grind, mini-games, crafting and others). These game systems largely determine what type of gameplay and activities players will get to see and try out throughout their experience, so only the feeble-minded can doubt their importance. Continue Reading

FFXIV Open Beta: Gridania Story, Combat and Gameplay + Thoughts on the Game

22 September 2010 | No Comments » | pixiestixy

By now the die-hard Final Fantasy fans are logging in to servers around the world for their first look at the release version of FFXIV Online. In this final of our videos celebrating the release of Final Fantasy XIV Collectors Edition today, I finally get in some good gameplay. The video picks up at the opening cinematic for Gridania, then I play around with the UI and basic commands a bit before engaging in combat and seeing more pretty cut scenes. Lots of good stuff in this one. After the video, continue onward for my critiques of the game based on what I experienced in the Open Beta.

As promised, now I lay into the game itself. As I previously ranted, the Open Beta seemed to be very poorly organized. I had to jump through so, so many hoops just to get the client installed, patched and running properly that part of me was no longer even interested in playing the game. Another part thought, “After going through all that, this BETTER be good.”

And in some ways, it was. The character creation process itself is quite detailed and allows for some relatively in-depth customization. Of course, your character will still look like the race that you choose, but with many, many options for skin tone, facial expressions, voice, eyes and nose, hair, etc. That part was fun.

And I loved the transition of my character from the version I created in the first and second videos I posted to one appearing so vividly in-game. In the cut scenes, I was especially impressed with the graphics. Even during gameplay, the look of the characters and environments is gorgeous.

The class system also seems really interesting, although I didn’t progress very far, and the questing from what I played through seemed decent. I enjoyed the switch back and forth between gameplay and cut scenes, too, and think that overall I would be a fan of the storyline. But, for me, that wasn’t enough to suck me in. Continue Reading

Vindictus Prologue: In-Game footage, Combat and Awesome Graphics [Updated]

18 September 2010 | 4 Comments » | Mordil

As indicated in my most recent post, I now give you the Prologue of Nexon’s Vindictus. I cannot emphasize enough how truly stunning the graphics and gameplay are in this F2P MMOG. Running through the opening, I kept asking myself if I was still playing the beginning or if I was on some special level without knowing it. Common phrases said to myself included “holy crap” and “WTF was that?!?”

You’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Continue to keep your eyes out as I work on the content for the gameplay footage of what you can expect most of the content to derive from.

[Update] I am all out of beta keys.

Again, if you would like to experience this yourself, just send me an e-mail asking for a beta key at:


The 12 Laws of World of Warcraft

5 July 2010 | 9 Comments » | Mordil

Most of these refer to in-game mechanics, inside jokes, or pop culture surrounding World of Warcraft inside jokes. You can add to, agree with, disagree with, or remove any of these as you see fit. I sat with a group of friends and jokingly brainstormed these up. Hope you get a kick out of them as much as I did.

Rule I:

You can eat and drink at the same time.

This just blows everyone’s minds when they first log in and start playing the game. It’s just something that goes against nature. Seriously, when was the last time you tried to eat and drink at the same time without, you know, choking? I’ve had problems doing just one without choking!

Rule II:

You can create fire under water.

Despite being once again against the laws of nature and physics, it is possible for fire to exist underwater. Many times I’ve laughed while playing a Mage and realizing that when casting Fireball underwater, it flies toward the mob without sizzling out.

Rule III:

You can run through walls.

With all games you’ll find some graphical and clipping errors, the ones where your mount’s head is sticking through a wall or your gun is inside some other person’s body (without blasting a hole through them). Some even use this to their advantage in PvP, such as when they stand on the upper platform in the AH of Stormwind.

Click through for the remaining rules.

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World of Warcraft Getting a Graphical Update?

17 May 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

In an interview with EuroGamer, World of Warcraft producer J. Allen Brack stated that eventually there will “probably” be an graphical update for WOW.

“Will we need a graphical update from the ground up at some point? Yep, probably. And I’m positive we’ll talk about it next expansion”

With the successful graphical revamp Eve Online pulled off back in Dec with their Trinity Expansion, it’s no surprise to see more and more MMOs taking this path. Other games such as Ultima Online and EverQuest have also done graphical upgrades to their games, but with mediocre results.

Personally I’d much rather the MMO I’m playing do a graphical update then release a sequel that basically makes everyone start from scratch.