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Final Fantasy XIV for PS3 May Support 3D

16 September 2010 | 3 Comments » | Amatera

Oh, god! It's coming right for us!

Oh, ho, ho! I thought I’d get away without having to report any further MMO news tonight, but I was wrong, baby. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Sony is pushing two main technologies: their brand new Move controller and 3D television entertainment. The company loves their montage trailers and sandwiched smack dab in the middle of the one for the latter — between Minna No Golf (Hot Shots Golf)5 and Metal Gear Solid: Rising — was a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV.

Now, it should be noted that some of these games (this one included) were cited as “tech demos,” which means that this footage is only an indication of what it might look like if the full game supports it. If this is something Square-Enix is actually planning to implement,  then this may be part of the reason why Final Fantasy XIV was delayed on the console in the first place. While some games, like World of Warcraft, are compatible with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision system, this would be the first time a MMO is being released with the technology in mind. That said, there seem to be no current plans to adapt it for the PC version that’s just about to hit retail, though you could probably use NVIDIA’s setup in lieu of an official patch.

Of course, taking advantage of it depends as much on Square-Enix’s plans as whether or not you’ve bled your wallet dry on a 3D television yet, which few people have. Still, MMOs tend to stick around for a long time, and that means that by the time they come down in price, FFXIV might still be relevant.

Either way, Sony seems to be giving it a nice, hard shove, with most of their platform’s leading games on board (Gran Turismo 5 and Disaster Report 4 will, for sure) and the Playstation 3 itself supporting the technology from the get-go (if you have an older system, it’s already been patched in through the firmware updated). No fuss, no muss, and that means if you’re prepared to wear a pair of polarized glasses for hours on end, you too might one day experience the joy of Moogles in the third dimension.

Old Republic E3 News Live From EA Press Conference

14 June 2010 | 10 Comments » | Amatera

UPDATE: New Trailer Added To Post

The Old Republic was shown off as the last of ten games during Electronic Arts’ E3 presentation today. Here’s what we learned:

  • Each player will get their own, customizable starship.
  • PvP will feature massive battles in classic Star Wars battlegrounds (like Alderaan). Empire vs. Republic, Jedi vs. Sith.
  • New trailer being shown, titled “Hope.”
  • Republic soldiers ambush an Empire battalion in a forested area. Lead Sith beats the snot out of the Republic general with Force Lightning and attempts to cut his head off via lightsaber as humiliation.
  • As one might predict, a fellow Jedi shows up to stop this from happening. Beautiful female warrior with a dual-bladed saber.
  • The two fight for a bit, and the Jedi uses her Force powers to engage in a little “deforestation” as a distraction.
  • Sith cuts the Jedi’s saber in two and attempts to stab her through the chest, but she uses her hand (and presumably the Force) to hold it off under great strain.
  • The Republic general, having regained some of this strength, runs up and sets off a bomb in close proximity to the Sith, knocking them both back.
  • The Jedi recovers, pushes him into a cliff and then hadoken’s the dude with a concentrated ball of Force, shattering both the Sith and the rock wall behind him.
  • General stands up, generic message of hope, cue epic shot of the planet, ships entering from behind the screen in true Star Wars fashion, aaaaand logo.
  • The trailer was, like the previous one, not gameplay.

Well, apparently that’s all we’re getting at this conference. Considering what exists of the gameplay out there, I’m not surprised they went with a pre-baked trailer instead. It’s hard to make an MMORPG looks really exciting in front of a large audience, anyway. Still, I would’ve hoped for more information on the content anyway, and the few details we got barely scratched the surface. An announcement of PvP, but no specifics?

Luckily, the game will be on the show floor tomorrow, and with iTZKooPA in attendance, we may be able to bring you more interesting footage in the coming days (assuming they allow footage to be taken of it, and he can make the time).