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PAX South 2016: Speedrunners and Couch-Gaming

3 February 2016 | No Comments » | Jonathon Whittington

speedrunnersThanks to the folks at tinyBuild our LoreHound crew got a chance to try out SpeedRunners for the first time at Pax South 2016. Prior to PAX South, I personally played it either on my own spare time or locally with friends. To summarize the game’s quality: Speedrunners is an addictive combination of easy to pick-up controls and fast, competitive, play. It relies heavily on your ability to quickly react to changing situations – such as your position in the race, the power-up you have, other power-ups players have – and your ability to memorize new maps, making note of item/obstacle locations so that you can utilize them on the next go around. On top of that, after enough time or after one of the players gets knocked off the screen, the ante quickens as the screen itself begins to close in on the players.

There is actually a bit of backstory, though obviously not the main focus. Essentially every character is a colorful superhero residing in a city FULL of superheroes. With so much competition in the city it’s a “race” to get to fight crime. All characters play the same, no special abilities or anything, but each have their own fantastic animations and running styles, my personal favorite being Cosmonaut Comrade; a Russian dressed up as a space-faring Cosmonaut, rocketing (as per his jump animation) past the competition. They also provide nods to other great indie games, allowing you to use skins like Gang Beast, Octodad, Twitch, etc.

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The Dungeon Master: The Fighter Class

21 November 2011 | No Comments » | Randy Denosha
This time in The Dungeon Master we are going to suit up in an armor and grab a door for a shield because it’s time to get into the deets of the Fighter class  from Dungeons and Dragons Online.

In the earlier Barbarian post, I stated that I enjoyed fighters more than barbarians, stick with me and you’ll learn why.

When a player wants to start a fighter, almost any race is available and viable. For those min-maxers out there, the type of fighter you wish to make may sway the race selection. Going fr a ranged fighter with a bow? You’d be best off rolling, wait for it, an elf. Is two-handed face smashing more your forte? Then a half-orc is your best bet. There is one race that might favor the fighter a bit more and that is the human. Humans edge out other races thanks to an extra feat and the fighter gets an extra feat to select every 2 levels. Continue Reading

Forsaken World Character Generation (Video)

11 February 2011 | 3 Comments » | pixiestixy

A few of us here at Lore Hound recently had the opportunity to jump on the Forsaken World closed beta and have at it. You can get an idea of some game basics from Ronix’s introductory post, and now it’s my turn to fill you in on the intricacies of the character creation process.

Forsaken World‘s options for character creation run pretty much right down the middle in terms of what can be personalized, and to what extent. While players  can choose from a wide variety of both skin tones and pretty much any hair color, other options are more limited.

Most races have about five or six different facial expressions to choose from, about 8 or so hairstyles and a number of different “flair” options that add some kind of decor, makeup, scars, etc to the face. It’s an easy and pleasant system to go through, and I was satisfied with the number of options.

But these are the basics. The game certainly is lacking in some of the character creation options that many new MMOs have been granting players — everything from voice to body type to the exact curvature of the chin, nose, lips and brows. Forsaken World sticks more to the basics, but does a good job with them to create a polished looking character. Take a look at the video to get a better idea.

Cataclysm: Realm Firsts Throughout the Day

7 December 2010 | 4 Comments » | pixiestixy

Just as I even thought to train First Aid at all, someone else already had reached the cap.

I know many of you have been chugging along for most of today, perhaps first attending a midnight launch event, then staying up odd hours and straining your eyes to keep them focused on the screen in front of you and the task at hand: Realm First achievements.

Yet so quickly after the race began, most of these achievements already have been snatched up by the quickest in the pack. All throughout today as I played at my own pace and to my heart’s content, I was surprised at the continual flash of “realm first” achievements flashing across the chat bar. On my server, the first realm first achievement I saw was Illustrious Miner — for leveling up the profession to 525 skill points. Followed by Illustrious Angler and Engineer.

I logged out for a short break, and came back for the start of the level 85 dings. First, it was a druid. 17 minutes later, a Pally and a Priest took their respective achievements only seconds apart. A few scant achievements may still remain, but the players aiming to get them certainly are already well on their way to earning some in-game respect.

So how do they do it? Well, one world-first European player — Athene, on his holy paladin Forscience — recorded a short video that glosses over all the work that went into his mere 5-hour journey to becoming the first character to reach level 85 — both his strategy and his motivations are discussed. As well as a promo for something else entirely. (warning — Some language may be NSFW)

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Pre-Cataclysm: Prepping to Roll that Goblin or Worgen

18 November 2010 | 17 Comments » | pixiestixy

Less than three weeks remain until the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, and now’s the time that I’ve been starting to think about what my play priorities will be once the expansion hits. Certainly, rolling a goblin or worgen, maybe both, will be on my immediate to-do list, and I’m sure it’s something most players will look into at one point or another.

So what do you need to know before getting started? Well, there have been a few announcements in the past couple of weeks that definitely may change your options and play experience. Let’s take a look.

First off, there’s the recruit-a-friend bonus. You bring a friend on-board to play (or create a second account and dual-box it up), and score a 300% XP bonus along with grantable levels. This method will be available to worgen and goblin.

Lylirra on Recruit-a-Friend in Cataclysm

New goblin and worgen characters will indeed be eligible for Recruit-A-Friend benefits including increased experience gain and grantable levels. As we’ve no current plans to modify the Recruit-A-Friend program at this time or increase the level range for which the benefits apply, goblin and worgen characters (as with all other characters) will only be able to receive the in-game bonuses up to level 60.

…Please keep in mind, as well, that there will be no Realm First achievements associated with leveling characters of a specific race, so this will not place goblin or worgen characters at any sort of unique advantage.

That’ll speed up your questing experience considerably. But if you want to skip ahead to begin with, there’s also the paid race change, which also will be available from the start.

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E3 2010: The Dynamics of Forsaken World

28 June 2010 | No Comments » | LHStaff

iTZKooPA continues his fun at the Perfect World Entertainment booth at E3, this time chatting up a product manager about the upcoming F2P MMO, Forsaken World.

Watch the interview for info on the playable race / class combinations and a bit of the story behind the gameplay. You’ll also see some in-game and cinematic footage along with the interview, so take a look.

We still have one more upcoming game from Perfect World to look at in the time to come, plus a whole lot more from E3 — so keep checking back!

Cataclysm Video Preview: The Goblin

23 June 2010 | 5 Comments » | pixiestixy

We have a couple of different thought processes here at Lore Hound when it comes to fans, leaks and the ever-looming Cataclysm in World of Warcraft. We have those of us who seek out any and all information we can possibly find in the deep, dark, secret alleys of the intertubes *cough* Amatera *cough*. We have a few commenters who’ve said they’re much more purist in where they get their information — they don’t want to see or read anything that’s not officially from Blizzard.

And then there’s most of us who, like myself, fall somewhere in between that chasm. For us — the purists and semi-purists, if you will, we often forget about a huge source of information — official information — that’s already open and available for legitimate mining. And that’s the game, as it stands now.

On that note, I present to you my newest pet-project — Cataclysm Video Previews. For this inaugural episode, I’ve taken in-game footage of Goblins going about their lives in WoW. Take away from it what you will – it’s simply a mashup of quests and random goblin-esque scenes scattered about Azeroth.

Because I had a lot to work with for this episode, I also include at the end a look back at the Lost Isles footage that Blizzard released at BlizzCon 2009. If you’re purist, turn it off after that part. Because the end is scenes of the lucky people who attended BlizzCon getting a shot at playing the Goblin. The footage isn’t very clear and I couldn’t get very close to get the shots, so you don’t see much beyond a goblin running through a tropical setting. But for some of you, that may still be too much – so shield those eyes!

And check back for more. Next up – the Worgen.

World of Warcraft Twitter Developer Chat — 4/16/10

16 April 2010 | No Comments » | Amatera

The latest Twitter developer chat is officially under way over and we’ll be bringing you we have all the answers to questions submitted by the community. Today’s Q&A wass primarily focused around the large amount of class information Blizzard dumped on us over the past couple of weeks, but there are a few other tidbits in there, as well.

It’s hard to pick out any particular highlights, since the breadth of answers really covers so many different topics, which I’ve conveniently set up in the following categories past the jump:

  • Death Knight
  • Druid
  • Hunter
  • Mage
  • Paladin
  • Priest
  • Rogue
  • Shaman
  • Warrior
  • Warlock
  • General Class
  • General Race
  • General Stats
  • General Equipment
  • Raid/Dungeons
  • PvP
  • Guilds
  • Mount/Pets
  • User Interface
  • WTF?!

Some categories have several questions under them, others only one. People always ask weird things in these Twitter chats and, for some reason, the developers choose to answer them. You’ll find those under WTF?!

If I had to pick out anything that I thought was particularly interesting, it was all content-related. Such as the fact that you’ll be able to train up to a new 310% speed flying skill (though Blizzard says they don’t want to go any higher than this) and you should be able to use your aerial mounts in the “old world” right away. Likewise, Stonetalon will reportedly be virtually unrecognizable compared to its current incarnation and the Western Plaguelands will change to reflect the receeding Scourge forces (but that doesn’t make it any less dangerous).

They’re also going to continue streamlining the user interface, but they don’t want to go too crazy since they know people enjoy their third-party mods so much.

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