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WoWFlix: Zerg vs. World of Warcraft

1 November 2010 | 3 Comments » | pixiestixy

Ever wonder what it might be like to see two of your favorite Blizzard games collide in an epic battle? No, we’re not talking about cosplayers from this year’s BlizzCon (though that could be interesting). Instead, check out this video by Blizzmeng of the Zerg invasion on Azeroth. They come fast, furious and dirty — who will win? Could this be one common enemy that would unite Alliance and Horde together in battle?

Who do you think would win if the Zerg initiated a full-on invasion of Azeroth? You know they’re floating out there in space somewhere — perhaps not too far from a neighboring Blizzard world. I think we have the makings of the next post-Cataclysm expansion!

BlizzCon 2010: Chris Metzen’s Geek Is… Opening Speech

27 October 2010 | 1 Comment » | iTZKooPA

Few people in their right mind thought Blizzard was going to announce something spectacular at BlizzCon 2010. Yes, we all wanted to hear about the new MMOG or the upcoming expansion to StarCraft II. Hell, even a release date for Diablo III would have been considered huge. But, most of us knew it’d be a down year.

Blizzard, for the second time since launching the “Big Three,” will be releasing two video games in a year. Cataclysm is just over a month away, which means everyone at the company is putting in extra hours to finish it up. I don’t want to sound like I am giving Blizzard a free pass for not announcing something major, I did call the opening “underwhelming,” I just don’t think the company should be expected to blow us away every convention.

Before diving into what announcements the company did make at the Opening Ceremony, that being the Demon Hunter and PvP battle arena revelations for Diablo III, VP of Creative Chris Metzen spent some time discussing the power of words. Specifically, he honed in on a word that the BlizzCon community owns: Geek.

Take a look.

BlizzCon 2010: Jay Mohr Brings The Funny (Video)

26 October 2010 | 2 Comments » | iTZKooPA

The great thing about securing a press badge isn’t that you get the greatest seat, we’re placed off-center, but that you don’t get trampled while attempting to secure a place for your posterior. The entire Lore Hound crew plopped down with roughly 30,000 other gamers to enjoy Jay Mohr as the Master of Ceremonies for the fourth time running.

Mohr opened the contest panel with a 15-minute nerd-friendly, kid-unfriendly (NSFW due to swearing) routine. He covered everything from the 25th anniversary of the NES, Final Fantasy, and the realism of Assassin’s Creed. Even cheap pops and cat calls for Walken were addressed in hilarious fashion.

Take a gander, the video above contains every hilarious moment.

BlizzCon 2010 Liveblog: StarCraft II Multiplayer

23 October 2010 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Here is the transcript of Heartbourne’s liveblog coverage of the BlizzCon 2010 StarCraft II Multiplayer Panel.

1:21 heartbourne here. Starcraft 2 multiplayer panel coverage coming at 1:30 pst

1:29 just a couple more minutes

1:31 panel starting!

1:32 “all of our tools fail us at some point – community feedback, internal testing, pro feedback, etc”

1:35 the creativity of the community really surprises them for strategies that covers what internal testing cannot

1:35 they are referencing the epic morrow v idra mass reaper strat for the “pro feedback” effect

1:36 downside to pro feedback? they usually only play 1 race, making it tough for them to judge race imbalance and it doesn’t represent the majority of player experience

1:37 “if there is a tiny crack in our game balance, these guys are going to drive a truck through it”

1:39 “everyone who works on balance is a diamond random player”

1:39 switching over to concrete tools for testing, like spreadsheets

1:41 its great for number-crunching, but doesn’t take into account variables like difficulty of builds, terrain, pathing, etc

1:41 change something small like unit size can have huge implications

1:42 showing a tool called “make combat” that they can quickly use to adjust numbers and quickly see the effect by running battle simulations

1:43 weaknesses: usually terrain is varied, and unit compositions are hard to match up with real builds

1:44 other tools: stats

1:45 they can look at per player stats: posters complaining about say ZvP can actually be fine, just a subjective problem

1:46 race win stats as officially reported by blizzard! screenshot coming

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BlizzCon 2010 Liveblog: StarCraft II Story Q&A

22 October 2010 | No Comments » | LHStaff

This is a transcript of the live-blogging done by Heartbourne for Blizzcon 2010.
Heartbourne here. coverage starting
first question: what is kerrigan doing in heart of the swarm?
response: kerrigan has ALWAYS been manipulated. heart of the swarm is her first freedom. how will her and raynor interact?
“is valerian mensk sticking around?” he has a “role to play” in how things shape up
“psi blades are pulled from within, warp blades are pulled from without” what
oic. manifesting the void

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BlizzCon 2010 Liveblog: StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor

22 October 2010 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Here’s the transcript of Heartbourne’s liveblog coverage of the StarCraft II Custom Maps and Editor panel.

2:57 Heartbourne here – covering the maps and editor panel once it starts

3:00 panel starting now

3:02 introducing people – lots of campaign designers and editor creators

3:03 “what are good custom map ideas, and tools will the community need to use them?”

3:03 the four new blizzard custom maps were projects to practice using the editor and see where it needed work

3:04 how did they choose what maps to make? “fun factor”

3:06 custom maps should be easy to learn

3:07 example – tower defense is a great map type. easy to learn, scales up, and has a huge fun factor

3:08 another key factor- get feedback to find out what works

3:10 left2die is a new custom map similar to the infected mission thing in wings of liberty. its co-op

3:11 people love killing zombies – how do you adapt left for dead into a starcraft/RTS world?

3:12 zerg biomass is a resource that you get from zombies and infested structures. its tradeable and research is shared among players

3:12 “outbreak” is the mission its based on

3:13 pro tip: focus on new player experience. new players have low patience; they don’t want to try hard to have fun

3:14 second new map: aiur chef

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BlizzCon 2010 Liveblog: StarCraft II Secrets of the Masters

22 October 2010 | No Comments » | LHStaff

This is the transcript of Heartboune’s liveblog coverage of the StarCraft II Secrets of the Masters panel at BlizzCon 2010.

1:26 Heartbourne here, ready to begin delivering the latest from the “Starcraft 2: Secrets of the Masters” panel.

1:32 panel is starting now. people are clapping

1:33 “if you are top tier diamond, this panel isn’t for you”. LEAVING NOW

1:33 ooo they are going to talk about how the ladder works

1:34 they are going to give us “exclusive tips” that haven’t been revealed for how matchmaking system. its an “adaptive learning system”

1:35 as i’ve said before, it only uses win/losses and relative difficulty of opponents

1:36 “there is an internal rating that we use… that is a rolling average… to determine how we matchmake you”

1:36 the rating persists across seasons. it never wipes. “its really good for the players”

1:37 “it is not to be confused with your ladder points”

1:37 all ladders are individual internal ratings. other ratings are used for initial data but are quickly wiped

1:38 “you aren’t going to screw yourself by playing with your n00b friend”

1:39 “we do distribute the population per league – 20% per”. hmm, this does not match with the data on sc2ranks…

1:40 internal rating is used for matchmaking. the divisions and rankings themselves have no effect on matchmaking

1:41 “bonus pool is like rested XP in WoW – it WILL be cut off at some point in the season”

1:42 “about league promotions – we will only promote you when you are ready”

1:43 “we balance leagues and ladders on a constant basis.”

1:43 preview of stuff coming in coming months!

1:44 improving league icons!

1:44 Starcraft 2 League “icons” improving to show ranking on user profiles

1:45 improving detail page to showcase top 8 and make the pages more interesting and flashy Continue Reading

BlizzCon 2010 Liveblog: Opening Ceremony

22 October 2010 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Here’s the transcript of Amatera’s liveblog coverage from the Opening Ceremony of BlizzCon 2010.

11:13 Whew, time to catch up!

11:14 Where to start? New, official custom maps for Starcraft II! SC DotA? KooPA’s going to have an aneurism

11:14 They’ll be released for free (of course) over the coming months.

11:16 Also, a new premium in-game pet for WoW: some Moonkin thinger. Mention of some proceeds going to charity once again.

11:18 Besides that, a lot of stats for various things that I didn’t quite catch and now a retrospective on what’s happened in the past year.

11:20 Well, now that *I’m* up and running, there goes the free stream of the Opening Ceremony.

11:21 This is Amatera, by the way. How are you doing this morning (afternoon)?

11:23 And it looks like I’m not the only one with streaming problems. Starting to look a lot like last year…

11:25 *taps foot, Sonic-style* OH there we go, it’s back! Metzen’s on stage now.

11:25 I wonder if I can see KooPA in the crowd. He’s the one that should be bloggin’ this!

11:26 Metzen wants to play word games. He’s going to say some words and we have to say what first comes to our mind.

11:26 HORDE!

11:26 DIABLO!

11:26 Apparently the response is just cheering instead of actually yelling out words.



11:27 well, that is technically one word

11:27 Looks like Metzen could use a glass of water…

11:28 OH, there goes the stream again. Metzen usually has something pertinent to say once he’s doing hyping up the fanboys, so this is a fantastic time to freeze up.

11:28 We’re back… another word?

11:28 WHAT IS IT?!

11:29 GEEK…..?

11:29 Tell us something we don’t know.

11:30 Metzen says this word is our word, it has POWAR. Continue Reading