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World of Warplanes About to get Prettier (v0.4.0)

11 February 2013 | 1 Comment » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Original on the left. After improvements on the right.

Fairly certain that the “Overlord” of game is considered an official source. If you agree with that statement and are a fan of aviation sims, then you’ll be interested to know what’s Dmitry Yudo recently discussed on the Overlord’s Blog. We’re talking about a massive overhaul to the early-flight to early-jet based aviation strategy title World of Warplanes.

The Overlord gave readers a sneak peak into the title’s upcoming patch, which will not only enhance controls (again) and revamp the User Interface (again), but implement “massive visual improvements.” That’s an emphasis in the original. Yudo likens the upcoming visual upgrade to the one that tank fans saw in the title’s tank strategy title, World of Tanks.

A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve got 5,000 words in the gallery after the cut. Continue Reading

SMITE Welcomes Bacchus, God of Wine with Latest Update (v0.1.1193.0)

19 November 2012 | 4 Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

As promised shortly after the god reveal of Bacchus, Hi-Rez Studios has put the lush online with today’s latest patch. Pushing to v0.1.1193.0, SMITE received a massive and much needed overhaul to its out-of-game user interface. The changes, which are a work in progress, point to the ambitions of Hi-Rez Studios hopes for SMITE, full adoption by the eSports community.

Included in the UI changes are the launch of Player Profiles, a completely new menu system, new party mechanics, modifications to the voice command system (VCS) and changes to social mechanics. Hi-Rez has once again revisited its matchmaking process, now adding a timer even the the (standard) Conquest mode in an effort to create a more enjoyable experience. The change will be monitored, analyzed and tweaked as required.

Abilities have received their second overhaul in as many patches. What began with Loki continues on. All Abilities now cost 600 gold, down from 700. They have all been made equal on the cooldown front, set to 90 seconds. Passives are now always active. Lastly, recently added Turn Minions and Reveal have been removed from active duty.

Hit the jump for the rest of the patch recap, including a look at god nerfs and buffs, a major change to jungling and two new skins. Continue Reading

The First Twenty Hours: Rusty Hearts Review

7 October 2011 | No Comments » | Randy Denosha

Rusty Hearts, currently in Open Beta, is being crafted by Stairway Games in conjunction with Perfect World Entertainment. PWE should sound familiar. The growing Chinese company is responsible for publishing multiple titles on this side of the pond, including Perfect World and Forsaken World. Rusty Hearts is a massive multi-player, fast paced brawling game. Confused? Check out iTZKooPA’s introductory video from a few weeks back

Go, I’ll wait.

After spending about twenty hours in the game I am still going and haven’t hit the cap yet (considering that on October 11 the cap will get raised to thirty). I gave all three playable character a spin, the fourth has yet to unlock.

Character Selection: So let’s dive right into the character selection screen. Immediately when you have chosen your server you wanna play on you’ll see four different characters walking. Each of them use one of two weapons they start with and at level 10 they gain the skill to use the second. Frantz uses a sword or axe, Angela uses a magic sword or scythe and Tude uses gauntlets or claws. You choose one of these characters. There is no customizing whatsoever though (customizing happens in game in the form of costumes). It’s an unusual twist for an Eastern-developed game to lack initial customization. The change in schema is was made to allow Rusty Hearts to focus on character development by way of story.

Global Agenda: If (Recursive Colony = True) Then Introduce It; Else Impatient++

23 September 2011 | 3 Comments » | Beararms

On September 21st, Hi-Rez Studios released the much-anticipated free expansion Recursive Colony onto the live servers for its popular MMO shooter, Global Agenda. Recursive Colony is Global Agenda’s largest content update to date and its first major expansion since the game went free-to-play.

Recursive Colony is centered around the idea that the  humans of Dome City are being attacked by a hive-minded army of robot-building robots bent on the destruction of humans, and yes, I am very close to making a reference to the Terminator series. The new hive mind doesn’t just add a few new instanced missions and some flairs. That wouldn’t do for the cluster’s grandiose plans. Instead, an entire new zone, PvP maps, and daily repeatable missions will keep players coming back for more.

Good thing the resources are apparently infinite.

“North Sonora,” the new zone added to Global Agenda‘s map, holds the shooter’s major new content. By popular demand, the developer added in a series of chain quests and repeatable quests to give players something to focus on besides the grind of instanced PvE/PvP missions. These quests can either be done by solo agents or in teams. Depending on the mission, players may find themselves exploring the open world or sent with a band of your friends into a Skyne- I mean Recursive Colony -hive to take the fight to the machines. Continue Reading

Patch 4.1 “Rise of the Zandalari” Megapost

22 April 2011 | 3 Comments » | Amatera

Whether you need a refresher or just haven’t been keeping up with it, Blizzard has put up a full post detailing every nook and cranny of the upcoming content patch. Despite my current disappointment with the state of World of Warcraft, I can’t deny the fact that packing 4.1 with new features at least partially redeems the lack of a new raid dungeon (it certainly shows they’ve been working on something). Here’s a quick summary of what to expect, with the full notes on Blizzard’s site:

Rise of the Zandalari

The days when great troll empires stretched across ancient Kalimdor are long past. Millennia of war and internal strife have stripped these nations of their power, lands, and glory. As Azeroth recovers from the destruction of the Cataclysm, the world’s divided troll populations face a bleak future. These dark times have spurred the trolls of the Zandalar, the historically wise and scholarly tribe from which all trolls originated, to take drastic action. They have embarked on a bold crusade to save their race by uniting trolls into a single mighty empire. With the Zandalari’s aid, the fallen capitals of the Gurubashi and Amani nations—Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman—are already rebuilding, replenishing their forces for a bloody campaign to expand their territories.

Yet Vol’jin and his Darkspear trolls are not aligned with the Zandalari. They have sworn to stand with their Horde comrades—and even work with the Alliance—should the trolls ignite a new war on Azeroth. Soon, Vol’jin might be forced to act on his promise, for if the Gurubashi and Amani are left to their own devices, the world will know the legendary strength and savagery of the ancient troll empires once again.

Guild Challenges

Built into the Info panel of the guild user interface, Guild Challenges are weekly tasks guild groups can tackle for additional guild experience, achievements, and gold. At the top of the guild user interface Info pane, a new Guild Challenges section is displayed and broken into three categories: Dungeons, Raids, and Rated Battlegrounds. Any guild group will qualify for Guild Challenges credit and there is a set number of times each challenge can be completed per week.

Guild Finder

Guild Finder is a new system designed to enable easier and faster guild recruitment. Guild leaders and players who are looking for a guild to call home will use the Guild Finder to meet one another and begin communications that can lead to a prosperous membership. Whether you’re a guild leader looking to fill your ranks or a player looking for a guild that meets your strictest requirements, the Guild Finder provides an easy way to make new friends!

Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms

A new system intended to lower queue times, Dungeon Finder: Call to Arms offers additional rewards for queuing as the currently least represented role. To be eligible for the additional rewards you must solo queue for a random level-85 Heroic in the role that is currently being Called to Arms, and complete the dungeon by killing the final boss. Every time you hit these requirements (there is no daily limit) you’ll receive a goodie bag that will contain some gold, a chance at a rare gem, a chance at a flask/potion, a good chance of receiving a non-combat pet (including cross faction pets), and a very rare chance at receiving a mount

Clearly the most important thing, though, is that this is a good indication Blizzard is ready to release the patch itself. There is a high chance we will see “Rise of the Zandalari” this coming Tuesday.

PAX Prime ’10: Dungeons and Dragons Online Update 7

24 September 2010 | 1 Comment » | LHStaff

I swear it was just yesterday, in the dawning hours of Lore Hound, that we couldn’t get enough of Update 4. Now we’re already on Update 7?! If there’s one thing you can say about Dungeons and Dragons Online, it’s not that the game is lacking in content. But don’t think that Turbine is just churning all this junk out on an assembly line or something. Quite the opposite. In fact, Update 7 is the largest one they’ve implemented yet since taking over the franchise.

Two new races (or should I say… half-races)? DX11 implementation? New raid and adventure pack (the latter of which happens to be free)? And, knowing how much players love convenience, a massive upgrade to the UI and Auction House.

Reluctant to give an exact date, Turbine does admit that the content patch will be available sometime in October. Until then, check out our preview video…

Auran’t You Glad Blizzard Is Paying Attention?

24 August 2010 | 3 Comments » | Amatera

All my puns are 100% auriginal!

A good idea will always find a way to make itself known, and the more minds you’ve got producing them the more you’re going to get. It’s easy enough to sit in your ivory tower and think you have all the answers, because you’ve got the resources and conference rooms to get things done, but that sort of mentality can lead to a terribly insular point of view.

That’s why I’m so happy that Blizzard has, for such a long time now, openly embraced the community braintrust to help improve the quality of their games, and the latest mod to be co-opted for inclusion in World of Warcraft‘s stock interface is the almighty Power Auras. The key to winning any battle is situational awareness, and while telling you precisely where you should be and when you should be there pushes the line of what’s acceptable (like the ill-fated AVR), giving you a little hint or nudge every once in awhile ain’t so bad. After all, at that point, it’s up to you to do something about it, right?

The ultimate point of an add-on like Power Auras is to give you a recognizable, visual cue when one of your key (but generally not instant-use) abilities is available. Raid encounters these days have so much going on that they require your mind to be about ten different places at once, so it’s nice to have some virtual smelling salts to bring you back to your senses.

Like so many other great add-ons, Blizzard’s version probably won’t satisfy long-time users of the original who are used to controlling every minute detail of their setup, but this is a welcome addition for anybody who would rather not futz around with a bunch of options and simply wants to enjoy the added convenience of having the auras around.

What’s cool is that, according to what’s been posted up on MMO-Champion (see image), it looks like each applicable spell or ability will get its own unique graphic, which flashes on screen when it’s ready. Though not all have been included in the current build of the beta, the ones that are there seem might slick to me.

PTR: 3.3.5 Patch Notes

10 May 2010 | 12 Comments » | Amatera

Hold your horses!  Wait on those character transfers! The Patch Test Realm ain’t up just yet, but it should be reasonably soon due to the release of preliminary patch notes today. Unlike the last one we got, there don’t appear to be any sweeping changes to class balance or anything of that nature. In fact, with this patch encompassing the only remaining high-level content until the expansion (and, at that, nothing significantly more difficult than Icecrown Citadel), it would almost seem like a waste of time to bother.

But the Ruby Sanctum raid dungeon is still an important update, and along with it come several new social options no doubt tied into future 2.0 functionality. It seems like they’re taking some cues from chat add-ons and are allowing players to “pop out” a new window, say, to keep whispers with a specific person separate from everything else. Also, the Friends List is getting a couple of upgrades, including the ability to add Real IDs (Blizzard’s cross-game identification) and communicate with them.

World of Warcraft PTR Patch 3.3.5

The latest patch notes can always be found at

The latest test realm patch notes can always be found at


  • The Ruby Sanctum, an all-new 10- and 25-player raid featuring normal and Heroic difficulties, is now available for testing! Players will find the dungeon entrance below Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight.
  • Copied Test Realm characters are not copied with their achievement history in order to better facilitate the character copy process.

User Interface

  • Chat Frame
    • Players can now right-click on any chat type (Whisper, Trade, General, Party, Raid, etc.) and choose the Pop Out Chat option. This will move that chat type to a separate tab in the Chat frame which can be undocked and moved anywhere on the screen.
      • Using the Pop Out Chat option on a Whisper will place the conversation with that player in a separate tab.
      • Any time a conversation with another player is put into its own tab, the tab will glow when a new message is received.
    • Hovering over the Chat Frame and using the mouse wheel will allow players to scroll through chat text.
    • Players can select Classic Mode under Interface Options to keep the Chat Frame functionality closer to what it was prior to patch 3.3.5.
    • The Simple Chat User Interface option has been removed.
  • Friends List
    • A new icon has been added to the top left of the Chat Frame which will open up the Friends list.
    • In addition to its current functionality, the Friends List will now allow players to add accounts (Real ID). Players will have to confirm that they are friends in order for a Real ID to be added. Once Real ID friends, players can communicate cross-game, cross-faction and cross-realm.
    • A new Pending tab has been added where players can accept or decline a Real ID friend request, or select the Report Spam or Block Communications buttons.
    • Players can now select from three statuses which will be visible to their friends: Available, Away and Busy.
    • A Broadcast window has been added to the top of the frame. Players can use this to broadcast a message to all of their Real ID friends online. This message will also be displayed under the broadcaster’s Real ID information in each friend’s list.
  • For additional notes on Lua and XML changes please visit the UI & Macros Forum: