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Eve Online: Welcome to CDIA Pilot Orientation

7 February 2012 | 3 Comments » | Mike

Not only did Eve Online get a brand new website today, but we have a new trailer called “CDIA Pilot Orientation” in HD. The trailer is aimed at recruiting new players to Eve Online and once again looks amazing. CCP definitely makes some of the best MMO trailers around.

The “CDIA Pilot Orientation” video provides an insight into the first steps new pilots can make in New Eden, and the many choices available to them in the future.

Below you can view the full Eve orientation trailer.

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The Secret World Reveals New Location (Sort of)

25 January 2012 | 2 Comments » | LHStaff

A new location in The Secret World was unveiled in the wee hours of the morning: The Blue Mountains. I say ‘sort of’ because it’s another location within Solomon Island, the New England locale that has had a lot of information already provided to us. The Blue Mountain is located just west of Kingsmouth, and centers around a terrible evil that happened a long time ago. Players can explore what happened here by aiding the Wabanaki tribe, and eventually participating in rituals that will allow us to walk in the dreams of past ancestors. Somewhere in there are Mayans and Vikings, and all sorts of supernatural baddies like Wendigo, Draug, golems, and akab.

I think that sounds pretty cool myself, just think of how much content the devs can add in in future expansions when they aren’t limiting themselves to modern locations! Even with modern locations, there’s a wealth of possibilities, but dreams and memories of the past open even more. Perhaps that’s just my bias though; I studied ancient history in college so anything related to history has my complete attention. :)

I’ll keep you updated as more is revealed today. I’ve found this article, although it’s in French. The Secret World facebook hasn’t provided anything for us English speakers yet, other than a promise of more to come.

And of course, the moment I post, they update their page. Read the official announcement here.

*Update* Aaaand, as promised, here’s a link to the new video for Blue Mountain.

New DUST 514 Gameplay Footage

24 January 2012 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Ok, semi-new, it was released last Thursday via the Playstation Pulse webcast, however I just saw it today.  The DUST 514 footage is buried inbetween other videos and previews so I decided to cut out the good part and re-post if for those of you who also missed it.

The video is short, only about 25 seconds and shows off two vehicles in action, a warthog (I know that’s Halo) and a dropship. The rest of the video just shows some mashed up combat scenes.

Check out the DUST 514 gameplay video below.

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SWTOR Legacy System Gimps Non-Alt Players?

23 January 2012 | 51 Comments » | LHStaff

Last week BioWare released a video of Game Director James Ohlen talking about some upcoming changes to Star Wars: The Old Republic, one of which was the Legacy System.

Up until now, we knew that the the Legacy system would create a sort of family tree for your main and alt characters and they would gain some sort of benefits. I for one assumed the benefits would be non-combat such as cosmetic gear, titles, mounts or something along those lines, however in the video James clearly states that all characters will gain new abilities and powers.

Being someone that has never played an alt character and who doesn’t plan to, this Legacy System completely gimps players who choose to stick with a single character. The Legacy System almost forces players to start over with an alt in order to remain competitive with other players.

Since SWTOR is all about story and is the game’s main focus, it’s no wonder BioWare would put in place a system that puts a huge incentive for players to start over. However for those of us who are not alt-players, this system makes it pointless to continue playing as we would do so with a permanently gimped character.

What BioWare is trying to do is add replay value to a genre that quite frankly doesn’t need it. Incentivising players to start over should be the last thing any MMORPG should do as the game itself should be engaging enough for players to continue logging in even after completely the story. However when you create a game that has the same old game mechanics and endgame as every MMORPG of the last decade, getting players to start-over is probably the only way to keep your subscribers.

Bioware Releases Patch 1.1 “Kaon Under Siege” Flashpoint Trailer

13 January 2012 | No Comments » | Mordil

With just 7 days left of the free month of subscription for all players in Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware preps its first major content patch for release by showing an in-game cinematic for one of the Flashpoints in the upcoming Patch labeled “Rise of the Rakghouls”.

Here’s the excerpt verbatim of the backstory & lore behind the “Kaon Under Siege” Flashpoint:

The Tion Hegemony is in utter chaos. A mysterious outbreak of the Rakghoul plague has spread across several worlds, killing countless civilians while mutating others into Rakghouls themselves. On the planet of Kaon a small group of survivors fight against the endless waves of Rakghoul monstrosities. Now both the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire have set plans in motion to rescue the survivors of Kaon, locate the source of the virus, and forge an alliance with the Tion Hegemony.

Patch 1.1 “Rise of the Rakghouls” is set to be released on January 17th, after weekly maintenance.

You can check the video out, and post your comments & feelings on the theme coming up down below.

Minecraft Adventures 1.4 “Pharaoh Mordil’s Tomb”

6 January 2012 | 2 Comments » | Mordil

Editor’s Note: Sorry for this being delayed almost a day & a half. There was some complications in getting it ready by yesterday.

Yes, yes. We all know I have an inflated ego; but come on – who doesn’t want to have their name on something so devious as a pitfall tomb? Check it all out below. I’m sorry if the brightness isn’t enough to see any details – it’s an issue with my computer.

Before I discovered the miracle of MCEdit, a mass editor, it took me roughly 15-30 hours to complete. Did it all by hand /flex.

As always, you can download our texture pack in HD or SD. If you want to do HD, make sure you use MC Patcher for PC or Mac OS X. For instructions on doing all these things, check out the first post here.


Lore Cast Season 1 Episode 5: “Stereotypes”

2 January 2012 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Today’s episode of Lore Cast is a mild spoiler kind. Mordil and Beararms are accompanied today by none other than Mrs. Mordil herself, as Sephalon. The majority of the conversation is of Star Wars: The Old Republic and what we’ve been doing, so it counts for today and Wednesday’s episode.

Note: Mordil was getting ahead of himself and spoke incorrectly during the video. It IS indeed, episode 5, and not 6.

Enjoy! As always, the agenda of the conversation is down below the jump.

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The Old Republic: Newbie Experience Compilation

27 December 2011 | No Comments » | Ronix

Hot on the heels of the recent Star Wars: The Old Republic discussions happening here at LoreHound, I decided to go ahead and do a video compilation of what beginners can expect from BioWare’s first entry into the MMOG genre. Unfortunately, this brilliant idea didn’t strike me while I was doing the various Flashpoints found at certain points in the game. However, you get to see how gameplay feels from the perspective of three different classes and from the two different factions. From the Empire, we have the Sith Inquisitor and the Bounty Hunter. The Republic is represented by the Trooper. Some PvP action is represented and the level design is expressed by a couple of shots displaying  the impressive architecture followed by some story cut scenes.

And yes, the story cut scenes are worth your time!