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PlanetSide 2 Sticking with Hardcore PvP, No NPCs Incoming

3 December 2012 | 4 Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Time for a walkabout.

Back in August 2012, Sony Online Entertainment’s CEO John Smedley laid out the long-term plans for PlanetSide 2. Months ahead of the title’s release, Smedley discussed a wide variety of features that were in the early stages of development and were scheduled for post launch. Player-run bases, massive bodies of water to go along with the immense scope of the maps, dynamic and localized weather and NPCs.

Yeah, in the summer non-player characters were on the drawing board. After a bit of a hullabaloo over the weekend, Smedley popped out to address the resurgence of the six-month old plan. He told Massively “A lot of it is still being considered. We are going to tell the community about our longer term plan and let them have a very big say in where we go.”

We’ve already seen PlanetSide 2 modified at the request of players. But what about those entirely non-hardcore NPCs? “NPCs aren’t on the table for a long time, if ever,” Smedley added.

Vashj’ir Rewind: The Water Zone in Words and Pictures

8 April 2011 | 6 Comments » | pixiestixy

BE WARNED – The following descriptions and gallery may contain spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed questing in Vashj’ir.

Dizzyness aside, the depths of Vashj’ir and its sub-zones left a lasting impression on my idea of questing in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.The 3-D zone packed a punch with some great stories, fun quests and different gameplay experiences. Oh, and a new breed of murlocs. That can’t be left unsaid, either.

Though mysteries still abound regarding Queen Azshara herself, the reappearance of the Naga as central lore keepers of the zone played a huge role in keeping me involved in the story. Not only do you fight against the Naga, but you also get to experience, in several different series of quests, what it is that the Naga are and have been fighting against (other than you). And I have to admit that playing as a Naga made me appreciate some of their quirks.

Sea monsters are, of course, also a hugely fun part of this zone. From the giant tentacles that first bring down your ship and her crew; a shark that you have to harpoon down like the menace he is; to a new water mount in the form of a huge seahorse; to another shark who helps you chomp up some Naga chum while you ride on his back; to finding a way to communicate with the demigod Nespirah (who, sidenote, reminds me of Ohmu in Hayao Miyazaki’s classic manga and anime film Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind); to even seeing the Elemental Lord Neptulon himself from the comfort of one of many beautifully crafted cut scenes.

Not to mention a huge boss-of-a-whale shark that awards its own achievement just for being brave enough to strike against him — and win.

Plus, nothing could go wrong from putting something called a “merciless one” on top of your head. Right? RIGHT?! (Who else had to put their character through that crazyness more than once to get the cut scene again?)

If all that wasn’t enough, the scenery is gorgeous. From the bright colors of corals and fishies to the blues that deepened as you ventured deeper, it certainly wasn’t a drab or lifeless zone, as the gallery below shows. It also wasn’t lacking in things to do — with three sub-zones within Vashj’ir, plus a fair number of quests to complete, I was able to take the time to get my fill before moving on.

Looking back, what was your favorite part of the zone?

Click through for a screenshot gallery of more blues and greens than I realized Azeroth could hold.

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Gaming While Sick: Vertigo in Vashj’ir

28 March 2011 | 1 Comment » | pixiestixy

I knew it as soon as I saw the pre-Cataclysm screenshots of Vashj’ir, and it sunk in a bit more as the ship I had boarded got ambushed in deep waters: Vashj’ir is a swimming zone. And while I knew it would take some adjusting to get used to the controls, I didn’t expect vertigo.

I’ve been questing off and on in Vashj’ir over the past few weeks, putting my cute little searhorsey to good use. I’ve been struck by just how 3-D the environment seems, with myriads of details from the surface all the way to the underwater floor. A majority of quests keep your character on one “level” of the zone, without a ton of vertical movement. That makes the swimming mount much like the flying mount to non-underwater zones — simply mount up, coast a few meters up from the ground, and go complete your business.

But it’s those quests that take me back to the surface that throw me off balance. Literally.

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Elemental Invasion Expands to 4 New Mini-Bosses

15 November 2010 | 8 Comments » | pixiestixy

Rise up, heroes of the Horde and Alliance — part 4 of the Elemental invasion is now live as part of the continuing Pre-Cataclysm events in World of Warcraft.

Your capital cities are burning and rumbling, cultists are wreaking havoc, and new mini-bosses are ready to be slain, and even reward pretty 251 loot in the process. Open up two bosses at a time by defending Orgrimmar and Thunderbluff, or Ironforge and Stormwind. Then click on a portal to get transported to your boss of choice. You’ll see no trash – just a straight-forward boss fight with a few mobs thrown in. Be ready to fight when you queue. WoW head has a good walkthrough of the event, but if you prefer no spoilers, just head on to the capital city of your choice and jump into the fray.

I’ve so far worked my way to the Fire and Earth bosses — Grand Ambassador Flamelash and Crown Princess  Theradras. Apparently the Thunderbluff event is a bit buggy on my server, so the Water and Air bosses have not yet opened up. But hopefully they will soon!

Mind your timing — the events seem to happen about every 3 hours, with portals to the mini-bosses only remaining open for 30 minutes. Good luck, and have fun.

Patch 4.0.1 Goes Live Today [Updated]

12 October 2010 | 15 Comments » | Amatera

As sweet as this water looks, it's the least of the changes being made in 4.0.1.

[Update: Servers still aren’t up, so why not freshen up on those stat changes?]

Whether through the internet or the game client itself, you’re probably aware by now that the massive Patch 4.0.1 for World of Warcraft is set to hit live servers today. While it needs to be reiterated that this is not the patch that forever changes the world, it will change yours. And by that, I mean everything you know about how the game, and your class, should work.

There’s simply so much to consider that it would be a waste of space to reproduce the entirety of the changes here (though we may post official patch notes when they’re up). Instead, we’re going to run down the litany of new features and, if applicable, let you know where you can find out more about them. Look ’em over while you wait for the servers to come back up:

  • Major Classes Changes: In an official Blue post, Bashiok clues us in to the most critical, paradigm-shifting class changes such as Eclipse for Balance Druids, Soul Shards for Warlocks, and switches to alternate power sources for Hunter and Paladin.
  • Minor Class Changes: As the bulk of the update, individual changes to spells and whatnot are hard to track down. Chances are, if you play World of Warcraft, it’s safe to say Blizzard changed something critical about your class! The link provided will take you to Elitist Jerks. If you can parse the theorycrafting jargon, check your class forum, as they’re already diving deep into the tweaks.
  • Talent Changes: This one’s huge, too! Remember that Blizzard has actually shrunk the talent tree, changed the way in which you spec into multiple trees, and added Mastery! Most of the “useless” talents have been removed, changed, or replaced. The EJ link above probably has a lot of information, but if you’d like to play around with the new system in a sandbox, this WoWTal link has you covered.
  • Glyph Changes: As skills and talents shift, so must Glyphs. Prime glyphs have been added and you now only have to use a glyph once to “learn” it, after which it can be switched in and out when not in combat. Blue Lylirra gives us the lowdown.
  • Currency Changes: Badges are out, points are in. Any Honor or high-tier badges will be immediately converted to the new system. Low-tier badges and other non-monetary currency will be converted to gold. The system applies to current raiding and battleground content, but will come into its own with Cataclysm.
  • User Interface Changes: Improvements are coming to just about every aspect of the UI, which is great but means that you’ll probably have to reorient yourself over the next few days. Check out many of them in the linked video, put together by our very own Mordil. It’s worth taking a look at the one he produced for the Druid UI, as well.
  • Flexible Raid Lockouts: Bashiok comes at us again with more learnin’. Flexible raid lockouts mean that even if you missed some days in your raiding week, you’re not completely out of the game. It’s being put into the game now, but will make even more sense when the Cataclysm comes.
  • Stat Changes: Don’t fret if you log in and all your gear has changed. Some stats have been changed, converted, or removed in order to simplify the system a little bit. Remind yourself what’s been done to your precious gear by following this link.
  • Reforging: NPCs in major cities can swap secondary stats with other secondary stats on your equipment. See if you can squeeze a few more points of awesome out of your gear.
  • Power Auras: The popular third-party mod has been co-oped (read: copied) by Blizzard. The basic idea is that custom graphical effects will pop up around your character when it’s kosher to activate an ability or when it comes off cooldown. While some may still opt to use the original, the rest of us will get the functionality built in.
  • Socketed Relics: Relics now have stats and sockets for gems. Rejoice, relic-using classes!
  • New Water Engine: Those shiny, new water settings we’ve seen in previews for the expansion are coming in 4.0.1, but make sure your rig can handle it first.
  • New Guild Member Cap: Mega-guilds, beware! If you’ve already listened to our most recent podcast, then you’ll know we look like fools talking about the 600-member cap. Bashiok followed up the initial announcement stating that feedback had caused them to “re-evaluate” the decision and bump it all the way up to a cool 1000. This is now a had cap and necessary to accomodate all the new new guild features.

Can’t wait to check out of this stuff, myself, but I still don’t expect to be playing hardcore until 4.0.3, myself. While all the new changes are cool, there still isn’t any new content (well, beyond the impending pre-Cataclysm events which should be a part of this patch, as well). Tell us what has you pumped (or disappointed), and if I’ve missed anything, please let me know.

Blue Mars MMO to Use CryEngine2

20 February 2008 | No Comments » | LHStaff

Finally a MMO that can compete graphically with the big boys, I’m looking in your direction FPS. Blue Mars, by Avatar Reality was first announced back in March of 2007 and has just released the first screenshots of the game. While they look very similar to Crysis ala exotic island and beautiful foliage, but it’s more than just that.

Blue Mars is a online massively multiplayer virtual world (MMVW), not a MMORPG. From what I can tell the game is closer to Second Life then it is World of Warcraft, concentrating more on the social aspects of online gaming then just fighting and killing. The game is set on a terraformed Mars in the year 2177, so you can just imaging what cool stuff you’ll be able to do. From some of the screenshots, it looks like the game will be highly customizable. You can go shopping and pimp out your online self with what ever cloths and accessories your little heart desires and I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same thing to your house or apartment.  There hasn’t been much discussion on the actual game play yet, so I’m not really sure what you can and can’t do, but realistic physics will be a part of what ever it is.

Blue Mars is currently scheduled to go into Beta late 2008, so look for it sometime 2009.