Aion: 1.9 Patch Goes Live with Funny “Goin' Legit” Video

Aion 1.9 Patch is now live! After much anticipation and a lot of maintenance,  Aion’s 1.9 Patch has been released and is now operational for North American and European servers. Due to the massive amount of players that are streaming in to play Aion with its latest updates, the team at Aion expects the servers to be somewhat slow which was a common problem at the games launch and with subsequent updates.

The team at have provided a PowerWiki entry to help players familiarize themselves with the new patch.

The official news release about the update mentions, “We’ve determined that clicking the ‘Force Launch’ button may cause your update progress to be lost. It can in some cases be the reason for your client update starting over from the beginning.” With an 8.5 GB download to get through, make sure to be careful and heed their warning. The team asks that you please be patient with downloading the patch and logging in.

Added to this, has whipped up a funny trailer for the game called Goin’ Legit. The trailer has a few good laughs and deals with mobsters shaking down a goofy-faced kid to help with their power-leveling racket.

For the official announcement from about their 1.9 Patch going live, click here.