Anarchy Online: Looking for “L33t” Player to Join Team and Other News


Anarchy Online just announced that it is looking for a “L33t AO Player” to join their in-game customer service team.

This is a great opportunity for a dedicated gamer to get his foot in the door of a popular MMO team and get some great experience as a Quality Assurance tester. One thing that Anarchy Online made clear though was that you must be eligible for work in the USA and the job is out of Durham, NC. If you’re interested, check out the official application info here.

In other Anarchy Online News, you can now have your name changed for 1000 pay points.

Also, the creation of Veteran Accounts is now possible. “The new account will get 60 days of included game time, all expansions, veteran months and virtual items copied from the existing account. The existing account of course also retains these items. It is important to mention that in the near future we will be enabling the transfer of characters to Veteran Accounts from Regular accounts. (ie: Move my 220 Doctor from my main account to my new Vet Account). 2000 Paid Points.” This service can also be implemented to help players who have too many characters on one account. Once on a veteran account, players can move their characters to either server, RK1 or RK2.

With this year’s birthday coming up, Anarchy Online writer Kintaii has put together a detailed list of what players can expect in terms of in-game celebration for their 9th year. Check out the birthday list here.

As for updates occuring this week, the Alien Missions currently available for the Daily Missions have been removed so they can be re-tooled, claiming that scaling issues in terms of level difficulty were to blame for them being temporarily removed.

The experience point system has been changed. Any players using the “Disable XP” command will now have them go into their XP Pool. This change will make the common practice of suicide so players don’t waste XP obsolete.

The Anarchy Online team also apologized for not having a video of their new game engine they are working on up yet and promise one will be coming shortly.