DUST 514 PC Version Possible

In a recent interview with Thomas Farrer, DUST 514 producer, Gamasutra asked him about whether or not CCP has though about creating a PC version of their upcoming PS3 MMOFPS,

Yeah. We thought about all kinds of things. Right now, we’re pretty much just entirely focused on PlayStation. That’s what we’re going to remain focused on at least for the foreseeable future. But you know, who knows what happens in the future.

So there seems to be a glimmer of hope that eventually we’ll see a PC version of DUST 514. Nothing to hold your breath over, but it’s good to hear that a PC version is definitely┬ánot 100% out of the question.


  1. the last time i looked ps3 didnt make eve so popular or a big hit so to forsake the pc from such a ground breaking combo of game type is a slap in the face of what made them what they are i dont care that it is on ps3 as long it was also on pc but like the new trend in mainly pc developers
    they forget who helped make them(id) and go to consoles. i know a few players along with my self that played eve from start up that are more than upset about this and plan on moving to a new game after years of helping this game blossom in to what it is.

  2. True that Adam. Limiting such an expansion to JUST the PS3 is a large hindrance to the game in general. I don’t own a PS3 and there’s no way in hell I’ma go purchase one just for DUST514 no matter how tempting

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