E3 2011: Nexon’s Return Showcases Dragon Nest, Vindictus

Nexon is a new comer to E3, but the F2P company has no problem creating its own buzz inside the company’s less-than-modest booth. This year, the company focused its efforts on the Vindictus, the recently released hack-and-slash MMORPG from devCAT that has Mordil in a love/hate relationship (read emo) with, and Dragon Nest, a more typical Asian fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity Games being released this summer.

The booth showcased an astounding eight videos for the tandem. Dragon Nest, being the unreleased game, had center stage with its own specially-made E3 trailer. The montage combines gameplay and cinematics. The second batch of DN trailers feature various abilities from the four playable characters.

Vindictus highlighted Karok, a playable character coming two the F2P game on Wednesday, June 15. Karok is shown alongside two new raid bosses, Succubus and Glas. The second video displayed new skills coming to the other three playable classes. The third and final video shows off character transformations for the Paladin and Dark Knight (Batman?!) classes.

Catch Dragon Nest’s E3 trailer above, followed by the other seven videos after the cut.


  1. Ahh well, more Nexon stuff.
    Stuff I will probably never play as I am in Europe (UK actually), and Vindictus STILL hasnt been released here. Also, there has been (to my knowledge), no communication whatsoever from Nexon, or any related companies concerning the release of said product over here.
    As much as these videos look good, I shan’t be playing any of them. Not through choice, but through some strange sort of xenophobia Nexon seem to have for us Europeans…

  2. Excuse my rant earlier. It seems there was an announcement of sorts in E3 about Vindictus coming to EU ‘this year’. the thing i don’t understand about it all is how long does it take a company to translate a game from english to english? and how hard is it to commumicate that fact via the Nexon Europe Facebook page or other media? I have completley lost faith in the company now.

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