E3 2011: Trion Worlds Unveils Rift v1.3, Dubbed ‘Waves of Madness’

Now that E3 2011 has officially started, companies high and low have begun the crush of digital delights. Trion Worlds announced “Waves of Madness” for the company’s fantasy MMORPG Rift, which is on the cusp of breaking one million players.

The second major content patch will introduce our avatars to the Abyssal Cult (detailed a few weeks ago on Massively), a faction bent on freeing Akylios, the cult’s master. The latest patch is to introduce players to Hammerknell, an abandoned dwarven city and prison to Akylios. Did I mention that Akylios is the dragon of the water plane. Yeah, he won’t be squishy.

Scotty Malm, an inept dwarf that refused to stand up to himself, forcing low-level Guardian players to do so will return. Scotty’s specific role (and maturity level) in the upcoming events remain unclear. Hopefully, the memorable quest humor makes a return.

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  1. Man I gotta get my cleric to max level (50?) soon. But, priority’s and all.

    And wow did come first. Curse my Alt Nature!

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