Fallen Earth’s October State of the Game Wants You On The PTS


Clearly, getting an obscene amount of bodies in the PTS is producer Dave Haydysch’s overall goal for the just released October State of the Game.  The monthly statement touches upon little outside of content heading to the PTS. This includes the first major revamp to the combat system and testing of new tech to improve the visuals.

Dave is so adamant about getting people on the PTS that he’s offering a ton of free crap and toys to those that “Help…in the development of the game.” The developer has created a branch of NPCs to help facilitate the process.  Facilitating is just a synonym for free; free money, high-end armor, AP, even free levels will be readily available from these new NPCs. He’s quick to point out that the entire game needs to be re-tested, not just the high level content, to be sure the combat changes are correct during the leveling process.

We’ve discussed the next patch before, so head to the interview or official post if you want further details.  It’s nice to hear that the game will be changing mechanically and visually for the better.  And right before Halloween too!

I’ll one up Haydysch and his “crazy” NPCs. I will randomly choose someone that leaves a comment with a valid e-mail address on this post and award them a free digital copy of Fallen Earth, complete with 30 days of free play.

Quick update: I’ll be taking names until the end of Sunday, October 17. Be sure to frequent our Contest Page for the status of all contests, past, present and upcoming.


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