Fallen Earth January State of the Game – Still No Sector 4…Here’s a Patch

2011 will be a year of change for the wastelanders of Fallen Earth. The developers have been talking about the upcoming Sector 4 for month. The new area, which is to add new encounters, instances, areas, recipes, mutations, basically everything and raise the level cap, isn’t coming anytime soon. The zone has been delayed again, now expected during Q2 2011, because of another change we’ve heard so much about, the fabled multi-step combat revamp.

Marie “Aro Sei” Croall let gamers down the right way, explaining that combat is a vital game system and can’t be re-launched unless it is absolutely perfect. After all, broken combat for players will ruin all that juicy new content one way (unbeatable) or another (too easy).

“As important as it is to us to get the new content out, it’s more important to get it out right.”

As the first poster points out, that will see the new content released shortly after a handful of other anticipated MMOG, including DCUO and Rift, release. One can only assume the developer believes its product is unique enough to withstand the untimely release.

January’s SotG isn’t all somber news. Croall revealed the details behind February’s upcoming patch. For starters, the team is going to introduce the Scavenger Boss system, a new feature for high-level characters to obtain new recipes. The eggheads will take a first pass at fixing the broken economy, targeting drop rates initially, and attempt further skill and mutation balancing to get them in line with the upcoming combat changes.

You can read the lengthy report at the official forum.