Forsaken World: Petting… and Other Activities

I like petting pets in my MMOGs, true story. If there is some sort of a pet class in a game, I’ll be checking it out at some point, guaranteed. Even if it’s not going to become my main character, I still enjoy the associated style of gameplay.

So I was quite happy to find out that pretty much any class can have a pet in Forsaken World. Starting from level 10, an NPC in Freedom Harbor will introduce you to the pet system and give you a choice between getting a turtle, a ram, or a wolf. The catch is, Perfect World Entertainment has managed to embed a reward system into this mechanic as well. The pet has to be hatched from a special stone before you can run around with your new companion. The longer you wait for your pet to hatch, the higher the chance it will have better stats. While you can only have a single pet exploring the world with you at any one time, you can own up to three pets, so there are definitely choices to consider.

At some point, I was too busy leveling to notice my turtle got hungry and its mood started to change. Luckily, you are given some snacks to keep your starving beast satisfied. There are also pet buffs and other potions you can apply to make your little pal even more effective. Your pet will not only be a source of fun and friendship for your lonely soul, but will also help you in combat. This system is fairly complex – pets have their own special skills and attacks, as well as resistances and attributes to keep in mind. At early levels, players don’t really have trouble killing the local fauna, so the help of your pet is barely noticeable. However, who knows how useful it may become later on in the game?

You are not simply restricted to the three beginner pets either. While running around Freedom Harbor, I noticed players being followed by fiery demons, elemental horses, and many kinds of furry creatures.  Visually, they may have looked identical, but considering that pets have their own progression system, you can see that there is quite a bit of variety still.

That rounds up the pet system in Forsaken World. Stay put for more information, as more of the world of Eryda is explored.


  1. I haven’t seen much diversification between the starter pets but i am not that far along. not even level 20 yet. Right now they just follow me and autoattack 99% of the time, yawn.

    Lemme know if it gets more interesting later in the game.

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