Guild Wars 2 Will Allow Players to Create PvP Servers

Today via some new information from PAX Prime was released in regard to Guild Wars 2 PvP servers. Lead Designers, Colin Johanson and Eric Flannum, stated that not only will players be able to create their own PvP servers, they will allow players to specify their own rule-sets.

WoW, it seems like ArenaNet really pushing and providing players with every possible tool to make sure Guild Wars 2 becomes a successful eSport. Another great addition to GuildWars 2, but I wonder how exactly it’ll work. Will guilds have to pay to get a private server or will it be an in-game reward for guilds? Or possibly the players themselves have to host their own server? How flexible are the rule-sets? Can players create their own PvP games? So many questions! Can’t wait to hear more.


  1. How it works? Every play Battlefield? It will work like that. Expect hacks without customer support. It is a SINGLE PLAYER game after all, with just multiplayer opertions, not MMORPG options. Just like an FPS, this seals the nail in the coffin of that idea. It is solid. LEarn it, live it, stop writting mmorpg articles about this POS. K thanks.

  2. Oh boy somebody is mad here.
    Ole chap is all doom and gloom here, saying things about a game he has never played.


    I like how they will let the players create their own game within Guild Wars 2.

  3. Well his name is buttlord…

    The article is one of many that misspeaks. Essentially it looks like a player will have more control of their PvP settings in the game. Want to be able to kill your own team-mates in a dungeon? Sure.

    There are probably many details missing from this… but it is almost assured that that you will not have your own server.

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