Introducing TERA: Races – Part 2

Welcome to the second part of the preview dealing with various races in the word of Arborea. In the previous installment, we looked at the history and interactions of the dedicated amani, the composed baraka and the mischievous poppori. Today, the other half of the cast of TERA will be covered.


We have humans who are, of course, average in everything. I mean come on, is this the destiny of the human race in every single MMOG? Just being good enough and never excelling at anything? That’s just depressing. Or do we, as players, prefer it that way? BioWare certainly seems to support this notion.

Not all is lost, however, as TERA manages to spice up the standard elements of lore with a couple of nice twists. Once you start paying attention, you’ll notice that humans in TERA have an intriguing past and an active role in the present. Cursed and betrayed by their god, the human race was forced to roam the lands of Arborea without a place to call home. Despite this disadvantage, mankind did not lose faith and made the best of their exile, learning all kinds of knowledge and mastering various crafts.

At last, the goddess Velik took pity on humans and lifted the curse of their creator, granting them a place of their own. The human race today is a respected ally and an important player in the politics of the Valkyon Coalition. It was humans who first realized that nobody could beat Argons single-handed, and only through cooperation with other races could the world be preserved. Although some races are wary of the overbearing enthusiasm and relative youth of this species, no-one can deny their importance in protecting Arborea from the Argon invasion. Way to go, humans! *Pats mankind on the back


Having once turned to a demon god in times of need, this proud and independent race of brave warriors and skilled artisans is often avoided by others. In the old days, castanics belonged to the clan of devas, but eventually, they went their separate ways. Since then, the castanic clan has always preferred to carve its own path and to rely on no one. Their dark past, quick temper and a willingness to always jump into the fray have cast them as unreliable in the eyes of many in the Valkyon Federation. Only the few lucky ones, who have gained the trust and respect of this arrogant race, can attest that the castanics show capacity not only for intense hate, but also great loyalty and friendship.

With the help of humans and the amani, castanics managed to join the alliance, but to this day they are still renowned for their fierce attitudes and anger management problems.

High Elves

Last but not least, we have the High Elves – members of an ancient and prosperous civilization that collapsed during the War of Deities, along with the main artifact their society was built around. Speaking of videogame staples, poor elves always seem to lose their civilization one way or another. You need proof? See for yourself. Given the near-universal suffering, there really should be a no cruelty against the elven race law; although the Global Agenda crew would disagree.

The high elves of the present are the faction that managed to survive the ancient cataclysm by abandoning the old ways and put trust only in their own hands, rather than relying on gods. They have constructed a beautiful capital and advanced their culture in many different ways, also becoming known as skillful magicians.

However, the history of this proud race is not without another dark patch. For nearly three thousand years, the High Elves faction waged war on neighboring lands, their skillful warriors and deadly mages finding no equal among their rivals. Only a force of allied races managed to put a stop in their advance. The resulted defeat has led to the high elves questioning the validity of their existing philosophy once again.

After a century of withdrawal behind the walls of Allemantheia, its beautiful capital, the ways of this elven faction began to change. When the Argons invaded Arborea, the high elves took pity on the numerous refugees fleeing from the consequences of war. More so, they were willing to join the Valkyon Federation and even produced an army ready to fight off the invasion.

Despite this fact, some members of the alliance still feel uneasy about their new-found allies. They admit that the high elves have shed just as much blood as the other races in the war with Argons, but who knows when they will choose to re-evaluate their philosophy of life next?