Know Thy Blogger: Kershocker’s MMOG Timeline

Is there a better way to start my blogging career than letting you all know about my gaming background?  I don’t think so, but somehow someone is going to come up with a better idea in the comments and I’ll end up looking really rogue-ish silly.

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Oh well, let me introduce myself first. My name is Carlos, also known as Kershocker. Some of you may recognize that name. If so, that’s because I’ve been following this website since it was launched and I like sharing my opinions with others. I’m currently living in Peru and I’m studying Economics and International Business at the university.

Follow me after the cut to learn more about my gaming years.

I’m pretty sure most of us did not play MMORPGs during our childhood. Well, I didn’t, anyway. During that time, I was deeply in love with console games. Super Nintendo and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers kept me busy for a while until the Nintendo 64 came along, with Star Fox 64 being my game of choice.

After that, I was forced to stay away from video games for a couple of years due to some health issues. I came back during the PlayStation 2 era, which I really enjoyed. Guitar Hero, God of War and Devil May Cry are amazing games. Most recently, the PlayStation 3 came out and I bought it immediately upon release. What can I say? PlayStation is my favorite console.

I’m only 18, so, as you may imagine, I have not played as many MMOGs as my fellow Lore Hounds. Still, I think it would be interesting to recap my history just to let you know I’m not a complete rookie when it comes to video games.

This was the first PC game I ever saw and played. The concept of a MMO was still new for me, so I was extremely excited to give it a shot. I managed to reach level 166 with my Dark Knight, which is pretty amazing considering the only way to win XP in Mu is killing monsters. While Mu is not the most interesting game ever created, it was the one that hooked me on the genre.

I really enjoyed this game to be honest. It was a simple, but engaging concept that was extremely fun to play with your buddies. I eventually stopped playing it when my friends decided that it was no longer fun. However, I still like it. Believe me, if they wanted to play it again, I’d have no issues with re-downloading Gunbound.

I had really enjoyed Gunbound, so why shouldn’t I try Softnyx’s other game? Rakion wasn’t terrible. I enjoyed it for a couple of months, but it lacked social features. No guilds and no groups — you were all by yourself. I’m a talkative guy and I need to be surrounded by others so I can feel comfortable!

What was I even thinking?

  • GunZ (2006 – 2007)

I am a complete FAILURE when it comes to first-person shooters. That being said, I played GunZ because my friends were playing. In fact, they were the same friends that had gotten me into Gunbound. This time things went a tad differently though,  because it was me who left the game first. I couldn’t get past level 23 or so. I believe one or two of my friends are still playing it, so it may be a good game after all, but I’m just not the right person to judge FPS games.

This is the one. World of Warcraft has been the only game that has convinced me to pay a subscription fee, and that means a lot. I enjoy every single aspect of this game! I love PvE and consider it to be main focus, though I also PvP every once in a while just to have a few laughs with my guildies. I like to DPS, heal and have recently rolled a tank. What’s my ultimate goal? It may be a pretty masochistic one, but I want to have 10 max-level characters, one of each class. I am halfway there, though!

A good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to check this game out, and I’m always up for a challenge! I tend to test most of the games that are released just to check them out. As soon as I started playing AO, I was hooked. It was a refreshing concept, and it has quite an amazing storyline.

And that’s pretty much it! I’m looking forward to give Global Agenda and Fallen Earth a shot, but until then, I guess WoW and AO are the games that will occupy most of my time.

So, what about you? Have you tried any of these games?


  1. Welcome aboard! Dang it! I’m still the youngest of the crew =[

    I’ve played quite a few console games myself. And I wholeheartedly agree with Star Fox 64, bro!

    10 level-capped characters is a pretty decent goal. I’m halfway there, as well. I have a 74 Shaman waiting to get some love in Cataclysm, and a few mediocre level alts waiting to see the attention.

    Eronael – Blood Elf Arcane Mage, Cho’gall
    Laeltis – Orc Marksman Hunter, Cho’gall
    Zaraedael – Blood Elf Retribution Paladin, Cho’gall
    Calennael – Blood Elf Frost Death Knight, Cho’gall

    Mordil – Human Protection Warrior, Archimonde
    Essael – Night Elf Restoration Druid, Archimonde
    Kaanria – Draenei Restoration Shaman (74), Archimonde
    Smackypants – Human Demonology Warlock (30), Archimonde

  2. YOU WILL PVP MORE!!! It’s a guild requirement .. that I just made up right now.. and cuz I said so!!!!! Grats on the blog!

  3. Nice to see another new face join the LH team.

    Your post here made me take a little look at my own gaming history. It isn’t pretty.
    I typed it in a similar style to yours but could only add the MMO’s I’ve played. If I’d have added any more it would have been a good few miles long :)

    Heres to seeing more of you in the coming weeks!!


  4. @ Spifftastic

    Warlocks can too flag run! My warlock got the Ironman achievement in WSG a few weeks ago. Mostly cause the nub alliance ignored me completely as I ran past em. lol

  5. @Xianghua

    It’s a “Flag”running joke in our guild… we have a warlock who tends to do the opposite of what people tell him he can’t do… such as flag run or drive demos in strand… RIGHT NOOBIS????

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