Leavin’ on a Jet Pack. To an Exclusive, Posh Penthouse…

Anyone that’s seen The Social Network knows that Zuckerberg’s greatest early scheme was to give a senseof exclusivity to Early Facebook. At one time, the website was only open to .edu addresses, meaning you had to be in or working for a college or university (or be lucky enough to still have access to that address). He extended the idea of the Cool Kids Table from high school to college, added the velvet rope from the “in club” to education. By doing so, he created a phenomenon.

Bo Todd Harris knows the power of exclusivity. Soon, players of the recently-transitioned F2P title Global Agenda will to. Hi-Rez Studios announced that patch v1.43, coming today, will allow boosted users, that’s anyone with a RMT Booster pack, to fly around Dome City, the social sector of the game. Despite the fact that there isn’t much to do in the city, it’s a feature that players have been asking for since the third-person shooter was released last year.

Expedited travel to vendors will be the only perk. Fine and dandy.

Then Todd added this little diddy: “Penthouse level content [will be added] in future updates.” Said content will only be accessible by jetpack. The cool kids table is bound to sell a few extra Booster packs. And allow people to literally feel high (and mighty). Holding their noses up while looking down upon others will be all too easy (and literal).

In all seriousness, I, for once, won’t decry a RMT move by a company as purely a cash grab. Booster packs have been offered since before GA went F2P. The item is just getting a small perk. One that happens to latch on to the human psyche’s incessant need to feel superior to their fellow human, no matter how ridiculous the premise.

Way to use psychology Hi-Rez!

Read the full patch notes here. The list is pretty short.