Lore Hound WoWcast 14: Loremaster Mind Games


Juggynaut, Heartbourne, and pixiestixy get together to discuss the latest news in WoW. Topics covered in this week’s podcast include:
Here's that image Tim promised.

As mentioned in the podcast, vote for who you think will get Loremaster first.

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  1. I just have to brag and say that although I am not currently trying for it I only have 400 to do in Kalimdor and that’s it. I am fustrated because I don’t know which addon to use to track it, WoWhead didn’t work for me.

  2. Both Pixiestixy and I, and I bet Heartbourne is too, are using EveryQuest and Handy Notes.

    EveryQuest* tracks and requests information from the server on what your character has completed and what you have not.

    You then use Handy Notes (which communicates with EQ) and it places on your minimap, and World Map of the approximate location of the quest givers for the quests that you have not completed.

    Both are download-able using Curse Client, and self-installing.

    *EveryQuest has an axillary AddOn that you would benefit from installing also — EveryQuest QuestGivers.

    Links are that follows for self-downloading from the Curse Website:

    EveryQuest QuestGivers

    Handy Notes

  3. To recap when all three of us finish (or when we call it quits), we should share what our favorite quest chains were, and why. Then conversely, share what our least favorite was.

  4. A Rogue complaining about stuns?


    Well, I’m a Ret Paladin (lol), and the as soon as I get Forbearance, I start feeling weak because I know I won’t be able to use any of my other strong cooldowns.

    Maybe that’s why I suck at PvP.

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