MMORPG Gamers are Whores!

That’s right, you heard me, jumping from one MMO to the next with no regard for anyone but themselves.  Such gamers will spend just enough time with a MMO to get their kicks, then once there done toss it aside like a dirty rag before moving onto the next one.  Even if they do find a MMO they like most gamers will cheat on it with another MMO just to see if their missing out on something.  There are a few that make a serious commitment and live happily with their MMO for years, but for the mass majority of us, we are no better then the star college quaterback who makes his weekly rounds with the slutty fraternity chicks.

I’ll be the first to admin that I’m a MMO whore.  I’ve never been faithful and never even made it to the one year anniversary mark.  I know…I know, I’m ashamed of myself.  The thing is, I’m a commitaphobe, I just can’t commit to one MMO.  It’s not that I don’t want to get serious, it’s just that I haven’t found the right one yet.  Yeah…that’s it.  Girls believe that stuff, right? So why can’t it work here? (if your a girl, please ignore that comment) But seriously, every time I feel that I’m ready to take the next step, some hot new MMO seems to come out that is just begging me to try it out.  And why shouldn’t I?  This new MMO might not have the experience a seasoned MMO has, but it’s new, young and something different, a combination that’s hard to resist.  Just ask George Clooney.

So what can a MMORPG do to keep us faitful?  Sadly their isn’t much that can be done. I’ll still hop from one game sever to the next looking for that perfect MMO, one that I can commit to for the long haul.  But in the mean time, back to whoring it up.


  1. Honestly, i think half the fun of an MMO is the learning aspect. The building and designing of your character. By the time I’ve been around a year, all that’s left is grinding for minutely better stuff (stats, armor/weapons, crafting, etc).

    That’s why even mid Tier 3, I’ve lost interest in Warhammer. With the lack of players during weekdays (even at peak times on Azazel (already a ‘transfer too’ server as it is)) its hard to get into scenarios, and even harder to find a group for PQ’s/oRvR. I don’t enjoy grinding at mobs solo in an MMO. Ive just gone back to Fallout 3 for a second time through rather than solo a MULTIPLAYER game.

    Sorry for the incoming tangent, but its pissing me off lately… : )
    I really think that servers are killing MMO’s for me. I must know a couple hundred people that played WoW. From work, friends, internet boards and groups like penny arcade, the guild, podcast groups like the instance. Never mind all the personal friends that played WoW. Every single one played on a different server. And none on mine.
    I mean, imagine Counterstrike or TF2 if you could ONLY play on one server. You could not play with anyone else, and if nobody else was online at that moment on your server, you were SOL.

    Having 300 different servers splits the player base too much. So ‘merge servers’ people say. Except even when my server was at High/High, there needed to be more people that were not at end game. Server caps by nature have to be limited to how many people can be at end game at one time. What about ALL your other players? Basically you’re killing off all your new players.

    In WAR players are split in 3 different racial areas, then split again by the tiers. At level 20 for instance you are at the top end of your tier, but you cant communicate, or look for groups in both tiers, making it so only half the people near you in level are available to group with.

    So far, we are down anywhere to 1/6 of the player’s that are even in your level range that you can communicate, or even find to group with. Then take out all the people who actually want to solo. Next we remove those that are focusing on PvE/PvP at the moment (whichever your not doing). Again we will remove the available players that are in past tiers for tome unlocks, guild stuff, etc. Then with this tiny amount of players, everyone is spread out over an entire 2 zones (like Ostland/Troll Country). No intercommunication for them. Nevermind the fact that there are multiple PQ’s and Quest giver locations within each chapter.

    While im not crazy about the entire over world being instanced like Guild Wars, something needs to be done to keep enough of the non end game players together. Caps are placed on servers (rightly so). But 3 months down the line, when a large portion of players are all at the end game. The rest of the game world becomes barren because everybody is so spread out. Does not seem like a good way to entice players that did not start up at launch. Basically Mythic is telling me, they only care about the players at end game. Or course this is not true, but that is the way they built the game. So that the launch players have the best world to play in. After that, everyone else is given the short end of the stick.

    Granted a space MMO is a completely different beast (especially in world/universe creation), Eve has a single game universe, no servers. Outside if the extremely tough learning curve (more like cliff), after 2 weeks of play, (again, if you knew how to train correctly) you can be playing in the end game with your Corp. (guild), and having an impact, while still growing as a character.

    Something along the lines of permanently free and fast server transfers across ALL servers might help. But the game design needs to be changed. NOT copied off of WoW. Say all you want, but WAR, just like 98% of all MMO’s post-WoW, is a clone with a few things improved. Half of which are already being incorporated into WoW anyway.

  2. Hey, I’m the one paying! I’m not the whore here!

    But then I play lots of different non-online games. I watch lots of different TV shows. I listen to different music and buy albums from new or different artists regularly. I read books without regard to making sure I stay loyal to the same author over time.

    Nice headline for bringing in traffic. Bad analogy however.

    As for the real point, what can an MMO do to keep me from trying other games?

    Probably nothing.

    I get tired of one game, I play another, just as if one TV show ceases to entertain me, I’ll watch something else. I see a trailer for something promising a new or better experience, I try it. If it stands up to the hype, I stay. If not, I probably move on.

  3. In respect to the post saying all games post WOW are wow clones.

    WAR maker, mythic – are responsible for Dark Ages Of Camelot.

    WoW is a DAOC clone and was lucky to launch at a time when Mythic pressed the suicide button on RvR for most loyal players.

    All the classes are a steal from classes in DAOC.

    *off soapbox*

    god DAOC was good.

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