News, Rumor, or Just Bull?

I Smell BUUULLLLLLThere has been many a rumor floating around the interwebs regarding a little game called World of Warcraft. The Rumors revolve around a highly anticipated third expansion. Although nothing points to new classes there are several rumored additions to the game. Here is a brief list of some of the rumors we are looking at;

1-New race and class combinations;
Human Hunter
Orc Mage
Night Elf Mage
Dwarf Mage
Blood Elf Warrior
Dwarf Shaman
Undead Hunter
Tauren Paladin
Tauren Priest
Gnome Priest
Troll Druid

2-New Races;

It has been speculated for some time that the Alliance will get the Worgen, and the Horde will be able to partake in Goblin culture with the Goblins. The Worgen are supposed to be Humans behind the Greymane Wall that have found a partial cure to the Worgen curse, which allows them to retain their human intelligence when they change into Worgen. This would explain the how and why.

According to the news, the player will be able to switch back and forth between the human and Worgen forms, making them essentially a shape shifter. Both forms are reported to be customizable. The horde will get the goblins. Hmmm. One side (the prissy, soft, and “pretty” race) getting shape shifting Worgen, Then the other side receives goblins…well seems very one sided. I for one do not see Blizzard favoring one side so blatantly. Unless there is a bigger surprise for the Horde that has not been leaked yet or this could be complete malarkey.

3-New Content

Old Azeroth is getting a makeover. Thanks to the sorcery we know as Phasing, old Azeroth will have a “cataclysmic” event or events that will change the landscape forever (or till the next expansion). Zones will be flooded, like thousand needles (might be an improvement in this case), Gnomes might free their home of Gnomeran (more alliance love), and some other changes possible.

All in all we will not know for sure till Blizzcon arrives later this week. These rumors will be confirmed, or denied. We just have to wait and see.


  1. I say it’s BS until Blizzcon confirms things. Never believe the hype. And it would be interesting rejoining for players that have left to revisit the new “cataclysmized” wow. It might also Blizzard’s ingenious method of marketing to bring back old players that have left.

    Blizzard loves making money, that you can believe.

  2. The only thing MMO-Champion got wrong, or at least it wasn’t confirmed, was the bit about Thrall taking over as the new Guardian and Hellscream commanding the horde.

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