Rift Live Servers (and Which We’re Playing On) [Update]

The Lore Hounds have been playing Rift for months. We’ve been a part of the wild naming ride and dove headlong in to the various betas that have run these past few months. We like what we see. So much so, that I’ve secured a pre-order, complete with headstart, and even buffed it with six months of playtime. I’m not sure how serious I’ll play the game – personally, I do my best not to spoil myself in betas – but it’ll be enough to warrant selecting a PvP server in the correct timezone, Eastern. While Trion Worlds hasn’t divulged that information yet, Cindy ‘Abigale’ Bowens did release the official list of servers – 17 North American, 12 European. Beta participants should recognize many of them.

I’ve pinged Trion, Cindy and various other staffers at the company for a breakdown of the timezones. Hopefully we’ll have that information soon. Hit the jump to see the full North American and European lists.

For those wondering, the LoreHound.com crew will be picking a server once timezones are disclosed. We’ll update this thread when that time comes. The head start starts on Thursday, February 24, 2011 with launch coming a week later on March 1, 2011.

US Servers

Belmont    PvE
Briarcliff    PvP
Byriel         PvE
Deepstrike    PvP
Faeblight    RP
Gnarlwood    PvE
Greybriar    PvE
Keenblade    PvE
Lotham    PvP
Reclaimer    PvP
Seastone    PvP
Shadefallen    RP
Shatterbone    PvE
Snarebrush    PvP
Spitescar    PvP
Sunrest    PVP-RP
Wolfsbane    PvE

Europe Servers

Akala         DE    RP
Brutwacht    DE    PvE
Trübkopf    DE    PvP
Argent        EN    RP
Blightweald    EN    PvE
Cloudborne    EN    PvP
Firesand    EN    PVP-RP
Icewatch    EN    PvE
Steampike    EN    PvE
Whitefall    EN    PvP
Brisesol    FR    PvE
Rubicon    FR    PvP


Looks like all of the servers are set to PST. I’ve chosen to play on Sunrest (PvP-RP). You can find me as the priest Kieron, named after my ferret, fighting for the Defiants.

23 new servers have been launched to contain the flood.


  1. @LePeR

    Hmmm, yeeah, all MMO’s should revolve around the fact that Wow has a subscription based plan.

    On another note, what’s this Head start I keep hearing about? I’ve never read anything about them starting up early anywhere.

  2. Yeah, luckily I found out before it was too late. Ordered it a month ago, and never knew.

    Seriously, they shoulda posted that too be more obvious.

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