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  1. what is this its time for a update. what ever information iam looking at is old news. Oct 2012 so on. its driving me nuts! I was readinga CNN report online about Miller buying the publishing rights of City of hereos and as well as full onwer ship of City of heroes. asfar as news report goes it was going very well. it look great about 98% deone the last 2% the final moment or shouild I call it the final 60 seconds Paragon studios was ready to sign the contract however. the papers sitting there then a big fat RED TAPE NOTED “VOID!!”
    what the hell went wrong? Remember the noice and the words ” MISSION FAILED!”
    there is no reset. the inforamtion was rather limited. there wa some kind of Jail lock out of the information to be reported that explains what happened> what went wrong the resion why. what to do about it. after reading that I called up my law office on the mater that i sent some papwers of warnings to NCSOFT that by law had to be answered. and I am unable to pay for the 5,000.00 law fee and the law office fee. the papers dose not stand up some how,
    I ma stil ltrying to get in touch with NCSOFT to fix thedeal. so far thtere is no word YES IR BI, going back to paragomn studios on the mater. or Matt Miller
    Perhaps a City of hereos fan I.E my self. might able to movethings foward.
    what I can say its not going well. I do need help. I do not want the kind of help telling me to move on get a life. or get the smart remark to ge me pissssssssed ooffffff.
    I had enough along with every one else on the mater,.
    I think its time to get CNN’s camera and new crew to NCAOFT and give them some hell for us COH fans. I like to hear reports of new fihts in law against NCSOFT.
    and not fake deals on the Titannetwork. realy hard core down to the bone action.
    I like to get in touch with miller on my phone and get some of my idess he made up and figered it was not a good idea. and say i think what ever thqat idea is is worth doing,. because all the COH fans will want to take part in it, andwill not question it.
    I think NCSOFT should close shop. this hate USA and pro for ASIAN market only and Guildwars 2 that is not selling to kill City ofhereos
    its got to stop
    and I do notwant COHTITAN NETWORK TO F U C K things up some more. its bad enough
    that is antoerh set of details that I am trying to work with NCSOFT about. 3rd party scams

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