Trion Worlds Reveals Plane of Earth for Rift: Planes of Telara

Trion Worlds is living exciting days, as Rift: Planes of Telara entered its first closed beta phase last December 3th, with the successful private event Rise of the Defiant. Now, in addition to all the hype generated by these private beta events, the new Plane of Earth has been revealed, joining the ranks of the other planes announced in the past.

As you can imagine, Plane of Earth is a place full of rocks, metal, mountains, dust…

The Plane of Earth is a desert of multicolored sand, pierced by massive spikes of crystal and stone. Rivers of molten metal flow down mountains that rise beyond the sky, cooling sometimes into continents of alloy in a sea of dust. Rock formations defy gravity as tiny necks of stone support boulders that span between horizons, dotted with gems as big as houses.

And from there, the Earth Rifts come, shaking the ground while rocks fall from the sky and  hulking monstrosities emerge, looking for prey and spreading destruction.

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Plane of Earth is a place full of minerals, gems, and other riches but full of powerful monsters to defeat. The lurking gnar, swarms of giant ants, basilisks and the Titans, that once  ruled an empire within the plane. Titans are the ultimate danger of this “rocky” plane, right after the true ruler of it: the Dragon of Earth, Queen of Avarice.

The Gold Dragon’s flesh flows like molten metal, and diamonds are her eyes. The riches of worlds will fall through her clutches, and she will never have enough while anyone else has anything at all. Laethys will feast atop a pile of famished wretches. All will adore her alone, and she will never give them quite enough.

Adventurers, explorers, protectors of the land, heroes and miners… prepare yourselves, for the Plane of Earth arrives in one of the most hype generating upcoming MMOs, Rift: planes of Telara.

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