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Global Agenda First Impression

February 26, 2010 LHStaff 0

February 2 saw the release of two MMORPG.  Both have subscription fees, both offer PvP and PvE content, they include guns and are set in science fiction universes.  The similarities […]

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Alganon Preview

October 27, 2009 LHStaff 0

Introduction Quest Online is releasing their new fantasy MMO, Alganon, at the end of this month. I have had the opportunity to get my hands on this game for a […]

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Growing up is hard to do…

August 12, 2008 LHStaff 0

Steve Danuser has tossed up some interesting thoughts, as always, on his Moorgard blog. This time they relate to how growing up and moving on from a game is really […]