The Novel Post: Illidan: World of Warcraft Review

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lh_the_novel_post_Illidan_coverThis review of the Illidan: World of Warcraft novel by William King is of the spoiler-free variety. Check out the entire Blizzard catalog in our Extensive Extended Universe post.

I toyed with the idea of changing the tag for our The Novel Post for Illidan: World of Warcraft. If you’re remotely in tune with the massive MMORPG’s universe then you know why. Even if your knowledge is as holey as the best swiss Illidan Stormrage’s standing in the universe is one of the best known. He was killed by adventurers nearly 10 years ago. Illidan, the novel from William King that is, is his swansong. The happenings in the years to the very hour of his fall. We’re introduced to new players, meet old favorites and plow headlong into the penultimate culmination of The Burning Crusade, WoW’s first expansion, through King’s tale. But why do we care?

That’s an incredibly fair query. After all, if you didn’t know before you began reading this review you now know that Illidan, brother of Malfurion and failed romantic interest of Tyrande, is dead. Why read a novel dedicated to an elf, even one of formerly of near elven royalty, when you know the end? That’s difficult for many. How to enjoy something you know the closing act to, or, perhaps were even a part of? I wasn’t sure, but having read every other novel in the universe and interested in Blizzard newcomer King’s take on the matter I gave it a go. Read more…

PAX East: Shenanigans & Hijinx

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We hope you’re keenly aware that we attend a lot of conventions to not only educate and entertain ourselves, but to bring you the most interesting morsels of information from each event. Naturally, we like having a little bit of fun during our travels across the country (and, occasionally, the world). Case in point, Trauma’s epic escapade through the halls of QuakeCon.

Antilles received the torch for the Boston run, speaking with everyone and anyone who would stand still for more than a few seconds in his presence. It didn’t matter if you were a cosplay of great renown or a random bloc dressed up in his favorite Overwatch character for PAX East, he was coming at you. Heck, even the army of Enforcers got in the mix.   Read more…

PAX East: Oh, There’s Cosplay Here You Say?

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Did you know that the Penny Arcade Expo is a celebration of all niches nerd? It truly doesn’t matter what you’re into, the breadth of interest is amazing. Collecting retro games, eating mediocre food, video games, card games, board games, insane collections of dice, incredibly focused 3D printing shops, kinda everything is present at the various PAX conventions. PAX East, having exploded in popularity thanks to being one of the only major cultural conventions on the east coast brings all of this…with a vengeance. In no realm of nerdom is that more obvious than the community of cosplay. Read more…

PAX East: The Many Major Modifications in Orcs Must Die! Unchained

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Orcs Must Die! Unchained has been available in some form of early access for years now. Numerous F2P Friday appearances and various convention interviews prove that its existence hasn’t escaped our attention. Not in the least. The combination of Robot Entertainment’s proven tower defense pedigree with PvP – and more recently, a return to PvE – aspects have enthralled the orc-murdering team. The amount of pre-release coverage we’ve managed to put together begs the questions “When the heck is OMD!U actually coming out?” We’re another step closer to that, but we wanted to catch up with Ian on what has caused the delay.
Read more…

The Legend of Michael Klump!

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E$VD in training.

This past weekend was a blast. Eleven computers, thirteen people, enough potato chips to feed an army, beer, too few showers, liquor and nearly 72 hours of LAN party mayhem. It was like all of us were without major responsibilities, be they kids, jobs or the social necessities that require maintaining a viable relationships with another human being. If only for a brief weekend. As our LANs always do, it began with greetings, set up, quite a bit of boasting over whose computer rocks the hardest and which games the guy next to you is playing “isn’t a real game.” According to Shaktaji, it took a few hours for the true LAN, or what she expected it to be, to actually begin. Like dogs in a park, we circled each other for awhile before joining forces with or against others in the cohort. Once the gaming cobwebs and sobriety were knocked aside the memorable shenanigans commenced. Read more…

PAX East: You Can’t Spell TD Without Castle Assault + a ‘D’

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Castle Assault

Hello Lorehounds! Why don’t you take a break from your screen, pull up a chair to your favourite table and unbox Castle Assault. Inside you will find everything you need to spend the night crushing your adversaries. Castle Assault is a 1-2 player Tower Defense infused board game. The game starts off fairly simply. Roll a few dice, draw your cards, survey your troops and begin to play. Check out the video to see my talk with the game developer at PAX East 2016.

In Castle Assault something is always happening. You are rolling dice to gain advantage, watching as your troops move across the board of their own volition, rolling more dice to see if your Knight can charge far enough to deal a crushing blow on your enemies castle. Or maybe you are like me, and you stand back and pick apart your enemy from afar, waiting for them to make a mistake so that you can capitalize and bring their Castle down. Read more…

PAX East: What’d It Take To Get Sentinels of the Multiverse Digital?

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When I think of sentinels one image comes to mind, the giant robotic hunters from the 90s X-men cartoon. How is that relevant? You’ve got me, it’s not. But now you know a random fun fact, and, potentially another shred of evidence to date me. Anyways, sentinels inside Sentinels of the Multiverse are not antagonists at all. Rather the opposite. The base game introduced 10 heroes for players to defend the multiverse with back in 2011. Numerous expansion have been released since. A fact that gave Handelabra Games a swath of content to select for its digital adaptation of the award-winning board game. Read more…

PAX East: Marooners Won a Local Global Game Jam On Purpose

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Analytics isn’t strictly for Major League Baseball. Nope. The fine folks at M2H Games applied the idea of Sabermetrics to game development to come up with a sure-fire contender to the Global Game Jam. The company devised a winning strategy by analyzing previous finalists and winners. It wasn’t as crazy as determining slugging percentage or whatever the hell WAR theoretically represents. Nope. The team realized that couch co-op games routinely perform well. I doubt Mike Hergaarden and Co. worried about being statistically significant, but our short time with Marooners was  met with high decibel levels, jeers and blank faces of concentration. Read more…