About Lore Hound

The team at Lore Hound aims to spruce up the gamer’s daily website rounds with features such as: innovative video content, live game-play streaming, exciting visits to top gaming conventions, conversational podcasts, discussions on game design, retrospective blogging and, as our name suggests, looks at the storytelling behind game lore.

Site visitors will hear about all their favorite MMOGs and get a chance to read and watch engaging, first-hand accounts of the games that they have yet to try.

The five-person team behind Lorehound.com was united by their shared love of World of Warcraft. Once partners in a past venture, the group persevered and adopted a collective goal to use their elite skills to conquer all MMOG evil. The group consists of:

What exactly is a Lore Hound?

Main Entry: lore hound
Pronunciation: \ˈlȯr ˈhau̇nd \ Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English lār hund
Date: before 12th century

  1. A collector of epic knowledge gained through study or experience.
  2. A person who pursues gaming knowledge like a hound; especially : one who avidly seeks or collects that information.
  3. A legendary group of secret-keepers consisting of a turtle, a sun goddess, a talking box, a sentimental assassin and a fairy who can occasionally be found sharing their knowledge at www.LoreHound.com