Well, hi! I’m BrayBrayBraylinhal! You can call me the obnoxiously long name I’ve decided for myself! I am somewhere between the ages of 8 and 80, and like everyone else in the gaming community, I LOVE GAMES! Well, no that’s not entirely true. In truth I hate them. It’s the stories that I’m mainly into. The idea of submerging myself into the great beyond of blue oceans or traveling at high speeds through the pockets of black space deeply invigorates my need to write, and what better fills that need than the opportunity to scribble tiny, useless bits of information to someone who is just as enthused as me. WHY, THAT’S YOU, THE READER, OF COURSE! Are you still with me? GRAND!

I have two wonderful spawns of mine that I adore greatly and the queen-mother that spawned them who equally adores me in return! My passions include but are not limited to, long walks on the beach, and emo-core hard rock music! That even includes the tight pants. Ladies.

Some of my favorite games include Pokemon, Zelda, Megaman, Halo and, currently Overwatch. You’re probably asking yourself, “but aren’t you the guy that does all that Warcraft lore?”. While that’s true and all, does anyone truly like the job they do? We’ll call Warcraft a mutual friend with benefits, who doesn’t put out much, and often does that drunk chick at the party thing and makes out with all the other guys in front of you to make you jealous.