Hi, I’m Kendryx and I’m what you could describe as the quintessential geek. I went to band camp (Ed. Question: Wait, the American Pie kind of band camp?), love reading and thoroughly enjoy all things video game related. I was first introduced to video games through my beautiful and still used Super Nintendo that I received at the young age of 8. I was always drawn to video games because I loved the stories and physical depictions of the scenes, characters, worlds and the music.

Games like Super Mario World from the SNES remain at the top of my favourites (Ed. Note: Canadians) list, some of my other favourite (Ed. Note: Ugh) games include Bioshock, Total War, The Sims and Defense of the Ancients 2 (DoTA 2). Dota 2 is the game that I most frequently play and it’s the one that I am most passionate about. Everything about the game intrigues me; the lore, the heroes, the pro scene, the tournaments and the professional players. I have to stop myself from just blabbing on too much, but needless to say, if Lore Hound is doing something about Dota 2, chances are I am involved.

When I’m not mindlessly walking about trying to hatch Pokemon or playing a MOBA on #MOBAMonday; I’m normally found making lattes, taking selfies on Instagram or reading some form of literature.

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