Lore Hound Staff

Lore Hound has a team staff members that keep the site full of content, attend conventions and keep it running.

  • Patrick “iTZKooPA” Mulhern: Editor-in-Chief, Lead Content Director, Executive Producer, On-screen Talent
  • E. “Pherephassa” Rich: Lead Contributor
  • Jeremy “imosabi” Whittington: Technical Director, Producer
  • Jordan “braybraybraylinhal” Knauff: Lore Chief, Contributor
  • Josh “antilles” Derr: Cameraman, Producer, On-screen Talent
  • Gillian “kendryx” Linscott: Streamer, On-screen Talent
  • Craig “morderith” Linscott: On-screen Talent, Contributor
  • Laurie “darkmorrigan” Derr: Photographer
  • Charles “Trauma” Todesco: On-screen Talent
  • Elliot “thirstyriver” Hebert: Contributor

In addition, we also are lucky to have several guest bloggers who contribute original content to the site. If you’re interested in blogging for Lore Hound, see our LFM post.


  1. Been away for a while and I have just noticed not much posted from Brandon”Shaman King” Sato. Anybody seen the Juggynaut? or did he get caught in The Cataclysm?

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