Firefall Beta & Development Update

A new post was published today on the Firefall developers blog giving everyone an update as to what the status of beta and development is currently at. The gist of it is that the development process is not where Red 5 Studios had hoped it would be, so they are hiring additional programmers to get things moving at a quicker pace.

The infrastructure issues and technical limitations of the last few tests have made us wary of adding additional users until we have a better handle on the overall experience

We have various issues with performance and optimization that are always on-going and we pleased to announce that we’ve hired additional programmers to help with this and increasing the overall visual fidelity of the game.

Due to the setbacks, additional beta invites will be pushed back to at least a few more weeks and even then will be kept to smaller numbers.

we are still keeping a tight control on the number of invites. As mentioned in the past, we plan to roll out invites all the way through next year. There is no specific number we need to hit by any specific date, thus we are going to be cautious for a while longer.