LoreHound.com’s Incredibly Short Story Contest

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Voting is underway! Go choose the winner!

With the Celestial Steed Contest coming to a close shortly, we here at LoreHound.com realized the need for a new contest. We wanted to select something that may perk the dwindling interest in World of Warcraft, but we also wanted to open your eyes to new frontiers, new experiences, new stories. Thanks to a helping handful from Tokyopop we’d like to introduce the Incredibly Short Story Contest.

The contest is quite simple, create a short story – 150 to 300 words – about why you believe the manga packages should be sent to you. The tales can be humorous, a sob story, an emo-filled introspective, a catchy tune, a soliloquy, a two-man comedy routine, whatever. Submissions must be in by Monday, May 24 at 11:59 PM PST, and they must be in English.  Please submit entries via e-mail to admin_at_lorehound_dot_com with Subject: Incredibly Short Story Contest. You can also leave a comment, but be sure to use a legitimate email address so that we can contact you should you win something.

After the submissions are in, we will create a post containing a slightly-pruned list of the selections. The community will then be tasked with voting for their favorite piece. Voting will continue until Friday, May 28. Winners will be announced May 31, the day before TOKYOPOP releases World of Warcraft: Mage and World of Warcraft Dragons of Outland Volume 1: Shadow Wing. If all goes well with mail, the prizes will be at your doorstep the day of release.

Third PrizeWarcraft: Death Knight, Mage, Dragons of Outland Volume 1: Shadow Wing and StarCraft: Ghost Academy (review)
Second Prize: Warcraft: Death Knight, Mage, Dragons of Outland Volume 1: Shadow Wing, StarCraft: Ghost Academy and all of Warcraft: Legends (5 volumes
A Winner Is You Prize: The entire TOKYOPOP Blizzard library (eleven Warcraft books and five StarCraft books)

And for the love of god, submit your story with a legitimate e-mail address to this post or we won’t be able to contact you!

Good luck!