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Terran up the Night Fan Video

September 8, 2010 Heartbourne 1

Minor spoilers for StarCraft 2 abound! When you clear the campaign for StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, you are treated to a great song called “Terran Up the Night,” written […]

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Ed's Weekly Watch #2

February 3, 2008 LHStaff 0

Well, I am back folks, with the second Weekly Watch! This has been a reletively slow week, but I will get you the information you have been wanting. Our first […]

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Exteel – First Look

November 19, 2007 LHStaff 0

A few days ago I mentioned that NCSoft’s Exteel opened up it’s Beta up to the public. So I went ahead, signed up and now have a few hrs into […]