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PAX South: Mass Effect Lore Trivia Responses

3 March 2016 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Remember when you could select your sex?

Do you know your Commander Shepard from your Commander Shepard? How about your dialogue selection A from dialogue selection B? During the recent PAX South we queried showgoers on the finer points of BioWare science fiction epic Mass Effect. A title that was catnip to oh so many of us here at Lore Hound. That’s why we spun the camera around, adding our own contributors, including our newest contributor braybraybraylinhal, to the mix.

Oh, don’t worry, we included a complete Mass Effect newb in the mix for grounding. Check it out after the jump. Continue Reading

Legacy of the Void Brutal Been Kicking my A$$

25 February 2016 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern
I've a plan, lead the Zerg towards the Terran...

I’ve a plan, lead the Zerg towards the Terran…

Earlier this year I took a dump on StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The campaign was uncategorically juvenile. A revenge tale of the shallowest proportions. It took a few weeks before I gained the courage to continue the campaign trilogy with Legacy of the Void. I was worried. I feared that the final piece of the trilogy would leave a sour taste. A sour taste that could last for another dozen years. The campaign, like that from Wings of Liberty to Hearts of the Swarm, took an instant turn. LotV focuses on elite Protoss strike forces. Last ditch efforts to save the galaxy from Amon, the galaxy’s most ancient evil. In LotV, Amon hasn’t been my problem. Continue Reading

Pithy Opining: Black Desert Cash Shop Gouging

19 February 2016 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

2016-02-19_165623460I didn’t expect this. Log into Black Desert closed beta the second, and 10 minutes later I’m primed for a rant.  RANT METER FULL!! I logged in to the game, made my character, ran through the first 2-3 quests, hit F3, and immediately logged out to rant. In case you’ve missed why this is such a surprise, or simply to refresh on what I think overall about the game, you can check out First ImpressionsPreview 1, and Preview 2.

Why am I on such a full on rant?

One costume for one character costs thirty two dollars.

Continue Reading

Nostalgia Time: Temple of Elemental Evil

18 February 2016 | No Comments » | Pherephassa

ScreenShot00054I had all sorts of plans for how to progress with the telling of my adventures in Eberron and the Forgotten Realms. I sat down to start talking about the various classes and why I was having such a very difficult time deciding between them, and to go into more on how different statting choices can really impact the development and playstyle of a character. I just adore trapping, punching things with my fists, and casting spells; I love my Intelligence and Charisma! But then, midway through my planning and drafting of an outline – I suddenly realized. I was level six. Level six! I suspect even seasoned players are looking at me rather squint-eyed at this point – what does that mean? Although the title of today’s piece probably gives some clue.

Level 6 is when, by my estimations, I might take a foray into that dread and wonderful place, The Temple of Elemental Evil, and have some small chance of surviving.  Continue Reading

Nostalgia Time: Dungeons and Dragons Online

11 February 2016 | 7 Comments » | Pherephassa

DDO Q3 2013 16-9 CIt all began with D&D. It was the early 80s. I was an elementary school girl sitting by herself in the classroom with a book during recess because I wasn’t interested in playing house with the rest of the girls. But I wasn’t the only person in the classroom – and I slowly became aware that the group of boys huddled in the corner were talking about interesting things. Elves! Dragons! Trolls and goblins! And then one day I realized that they weren’t talking about books, they were playing a game. Naturally once that hit me I immediately  had to play, too. And now, here I am, decades later, still playing tabletop RPGs and video games, and writing about them.

So when the opportunity to give Dungeons and Dragons Online a whirl for its upcoming 10th anniversary came around, I couldn’t resist taking her for a spin.  Continue Reading

The Heart of the Swarm Lacked the Subject

11 February 2016 | No Comments » | Patrick "iTZKooPA" Mulhern

Only partially towards human norms.

I’m only just beginning Legacy of the Void. You’ll recall that I shirked away from the Zerg campaign because, well, it sucked. It was very bad. Not only the campaign itself, but the additional gameplay elements that came with it. Evolution Missions were minute long distraction, Brutal difficulty was laughable after a few early missions due to leveling and the story. Oh so bad. What early Protoss battles have taught me – aside from how badly the EZMode zerg campaign was detrimental to my skills – is that Heart of the Swarm was rock bottom.

The epitome of detritus was a particular campaign dubbed “With Friends like These.” The setup was simple, convince Wings of Liberty heart throb Mira Han to help the Hyperion once again. She balks at the idea, so we, fellow human beings, decide the only repercussion is wholesale murder. Borderline genocide really. Why? Simply because we required one of their prisoners to hack a Dominion server. Let’s kill everyone in the way. Continue Reading

PAX South: Neighborhorde First Impression

6 February 2016 | No Comments » | Thirstyriver

You get to equip cooky weapons such as a pie, squirt gun, even a confetti popper.

I’ve gotten older. My tastes in gaming have changed. There I’ve said it. I’ve come clean. Why did this happen to me, and most everyone I know? Simple, life. I don’t have as much time to get invested in a huge campaign story, or 30 hours a week to raid in an MMOG for the highest tier set. Which is why I can’t find the willpower to put down Neighborhorde, an innocently-styled 4-player survival co-op game that draws inspiration from childhood memories and a simple but challenging theme of gameplay.

Within seconds of jumping into the game for the first time I was fighting off a wave of ghostly puppy heads by destroying them with paper airplanes and bowling balls. Currently the game, which is developed by a small team of three, has 36 unique weapons that can be selected and picked up throughout the game. After each wave you are able to choose a new power such as faster dashing, or an increase to melee power. Along with choosing a new power you can unlock a weapon and from then on it has a chance to spawn each wave. Continue Reading

PAX South 2016: First Impressions – Lords of New York

2 February 2016 | No Comments » | Thirstyriver

Lords of New York

Not being an avid card player, I was pleasantly surprised by Lords of New York. The game takes a very unique approach to poker as the studio aims to incorporate high stakes poker into a rise to the top story seen through the eyes of a 1920’s mobster who ends up in prison.

The game’s visuals are simple but stunning, built in the studios custom built animation software that has garnered interest from big animation companies. The game puts a twist of Texas Hold ‘Em poker through the use of dirty tricks and abilities one would expect in a prison poker circuit. For instance you can spike an opponent’s drink and make them act erratically for several turns. You can even slip by with peeking at your opponent’s cards at a quick glance. These abilities incorporate new layers of strategy. It forces you to learn what bad habits your opponent might be inclined to use and its up to you to play a good poker game on top of playing your opponent. Continue Reading