League of Legends

Published : Riot Games

Developed : Riot Games

Genre: MOBA, Fantasy

Release Date: Oct 27, 2009

Monthly Fee: Free

League of Legends Overview

League of Legends is a fantasy multiplayer online battle arena game, where players summon their champions and battle it out it against other teams. League of Legends is a free to play game and pits two teams against each other as they try to destroy each others towers.

Players level their champions in each match and work together in either 3v3 or 5v5 teams. As players (summoners) level, they can upgrade their accounts through mastery skills and runes which in turn improves their champions. LoL has dozens of champions to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, with 10 random heroes being free to play each week.

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Oh, the woes of modern life. Everyone wanted your personal data for marketing, scamming or worse, identity theft. Today’s news brings us the annoyance of the strong recommendation from another top gaming company that our password should be changed. Riot Games, creator of MOBA trendsetter League of Legends, revealed in the wee hours that it has [&hellip

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League of Legends A Twist of Fate Cinematic (Video)

Posted on Jun 03, 2013

League of Legends has its first lengthy cinematic trailer after spending what feels like years on top of the world. The addicting leader of the MOBA pack saw the release of ‘A Twist of Fate’ after the culmination of last week’s All-Star event. The Shanghai audience was treated to the four+ minute trailer of the [&hellip

League of Legends Routinely Hits 5 Million Concurrent User Mark

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Five million. That’s certainly impressive no matter what way you shake it. Riot Games, creator of League of Legends and that’s it, has become a household name thanks to its wildly successful F2P multiplayer online battle arena. Now the number one eSports community, the firm is celebrating the fact that it routinely maintains 5,000,000+ concurrent players at [&hellip

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Last week, Riot Games made headlines across the eSports community by banning a pro gamer. After coming to trial in its Tribunal penal system nine different times, the pro gamer, IWillDominate from Team Dignitas, was permanently banned for repeated harassment. After suffering from eight previous punishments, the player clearly wasn’t getting the picture. The ban [&hellip

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When I started playing MMORPGs, there was no such thing as a daily quest, but as theme-park MMOs developed and became the standard, and leveling times shrunk, developers needed a way to keep players playing. So the Daily Quest was born. Here we have a system that is so boring and monotonous, I find it hard [&hellip

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