Another One Bites The Dust: Ninety-Nine Nights Online Ending Service in September

Q Entertainment announced that Ninety-Nine Nights Online won’t see its one year anniversary. The F2P hack-n-slash MMOG was released in Japan last December, but hasn’t gained much of a following there or much interest for an international version. As of yesterday, new registrations have been disabled and an end-of-life date of September 27 set.

Ninety-Nine Nights Online is the third title in the action hack-n-slash RPG franchise and was developed by UserJoy Technology. The title is based on one of the Xbox 360’s earliest hits – especially in Japan – Ninety-Nine Nights, which featured hundreds of enemies on the screen at any given moment. Heralded for its graphics and character designs, the title was quickly greenlit for a sequel before N3 Online became a reality.

N3 Online didn’t bring anything revolutionary to the table. The sidescrolling 2D title offers features like multiple job types, PvP and PvE. Even prior to its release, numerous alternatives have been made available by the likes of Nexon, Perfect World Entertainment and others. Dungeon Fighter, Vindictus, Dragon’s Nest and Rusty Hearts come to mind.

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Images courtesy of AndriaSang.

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