Marvel Heroes Founder’s Program Launched!

Posted by on January 9, 2013 - 1 Comment »

Marvel Heroes is launching in Spring 2013, and they’ve just opened the chance to get into the game early!

Free-to-Play seems to be the wave of the future, and as a part of that, many games offer pre-purchases of goodies that usually allow early access to the game. Marvel Heroes is joining that group, they are offering 3 different packages that provide varying degrees of in game goodies and early access.  Each pack grants access to at least 1 hero, costume pieces,  game currency, experience boosts, item find boosts, and early access to the game.

Hit the jump for more details on the packs, and links to the official pages.

There are 3 levels of packs: starter packspremium packs, and ultimate packs.

  • Starter packs are priced at $19.99, and offer your choice of 16 different heroes. Each one comes with $10 of in game currency, 2 days early access once the game launches, 2 costume pieces, a 2 one hour boosts to both experience and item find.
  • Premium packs come with 4 days of early access, $30 of in game cash, 6 one hour xp and item find boosts, and offer selections of 4 heroes – unless you want to play with Deadpool. Sorry, Deadpool fans! He must be popular because the Deadpool pack runs at the same $59.99 as the other 4 hero packs, but comes all by his lonesome. Although he does make up for it by coming with $55 in in game cash.
  • The Ultimate Pack, is for the die hard fans out there. It runs at $199.99 and opens all heroes and all costumes, plus comes with its very own unique costumes, 7 days early access, $50 in in game cash, and permanent 5% bonuses to xp and item finds. On top of that, purchasers of the ultimate pack will have their names in the game credits.

Pretty exciting for anyone looking forward to playing, especially when combined with the start of closed beta. For more details, see the Marvel Heroes Founder’s FAQ on the official Marvel Heroes page.