SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained – Hel

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SMITE: Demigods, Deities and Gods Explained is a new column dedicated to introducing prospective players of SMITE to its massive backstory of lore. From the Greek to Hindu, each week we’ll look at two characters from a major pantheon and provide a quick recap of their history and in what capacity their digital incarnation will represent on the field of Hi-Rez Studios’ upcoming MOBA.

Lore: Hel is the Goddess of the Underworld, Niflheim, in Norse mythology, a territory that colloquially shares the same name as its figurehead. She was given this domain by Odin, one of the principal members of Æsir, the norse pantheon. Her father is the trickster Loki, a common and incredibly intelligent antagonist in many legends. She was born of Angrboða, a giantess. Hel has two siblings, both incredibly powerful beasts of legends, Fenrir and Jörmungandr.

Due to the nature of her and her siblings’ parentage, Odin separated the three giving Hel the power over the nine worlds. Her domain exists below the roots of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Hel was given the unhappy assignment due to a “rather downcast and fierce-looking” demeanor and the fact that her body is of half flesh and half ash; a position between the living and the dead. In her role, Hel maintains an incalculable amount of mansions housing heavenly items and staffed by servants. In this capacity, she oversees the souls of the dead, godly and mortal alike.

In-Game: Hel is a crafty ranged spellcaster, able to use her distinct sides to provide or extinguish life. She can easily switch between stances, enabling a competent player to utilize her perfectly, damage or healing, as the situation warrants. With such versatility in damage and healing, her main drawbacks are movement capabilities and survivability.

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