TERA To Feature “RIFT” Like Invasions

Posted by on March 9, 2012 - 7 Comments »

Called the Nexus system, TERA will feature “dynamic” public events where portals will randomly open up in the game world, allowing monsters from the enemy’s realm to pour in. Pretty much the same thing that is implemented into RIFT‘s system.

When a “Nexus portal” opens up, a message will be announced on the server, and all players will receive a quest to help defend against the invasion. Players who successfully help defend will then receive rare and powerful items.

Being a MMO game with open PvP, I’m not quite sure how this will work,  as I’m sure some players, or guilds that are warring with each other, will take this as an opportunity to attack the defenders. Not that I will mind that; it’s a hell of a lot more dynamic then what RIFT has.

However, it’s still disappointing that En Masse is just copying what Trion has already done. Why not innovate some, instead of a boring scripted PvE event. Allow guilds to open up their own portals to attack players or enemy guilds? How great would that be? One guild might be in the middle of a group quest or raid, the guild they’re warring against learns where they are, teleports in, and all hell breaks loose.  That would be something to write about.

Apart from revealing the “Nexus system”, En Masse also revealed it will have a “PLEX” like system that EVE Online currently uses. An in-game item/currency will be available for players to buy, with real money, and can then be used to add game-time to their accounts. Like EVE‘s PLEX system, this will allows players to potentially play for free: if they collect enough of the currency. Although, this also creates a backdoor real money trade (RMT) market for those buying more than they need, and selling the items in-game for in-game currency.

Source: Massively