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Family Guy Online Trailer

February 8, 2012 Mike 1

It seems I missed the announcement back in July when 20thCentury Fox announced they were making a Family Guy Online MMO game, so you can imagine my surprise when I […]

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DUST 514 Closed Beta Signups Open

February 6, 2012 Mike 6

CCP has officially opened sign-ups to its upcoming MMOFPS, DUST 514. The first round of sign-ups are opened exclusively to active Eve Online players, although registration does not guarantee entry. The first round […]

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Eligium Open Beta Date Announced

February 6, 2012 Mike 0

Frogster‘s newest MMORPG, Eligium, is heading to open beta on February 15th.  Although there’s still no official release date, Frogster has stated it will be released sometime in the spring […]